Hals Exploration Mod

Published by Halbear1 on Sun, 09/27/2020 - 15:23
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Minecraft Forge mod
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https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/hals-exploration-mod - mod file with sounds is too large to upload to mcreator website, download here!


Enter a steampunk world filled with technology, adventure, and the most beautiful landscapes... Hals Exploration Mod is the ultimate dimension mod, where magic and wonders await!

Disclaimer: This mod is in alpha release and is a work in progress. Features may change between now and the first official release. SameDifferent is currently helping rewrite the code from scratch in order to fix bugs, resolve the performance issues, and to expand the feature possibilities. For more info, join the Discord server linked below. 

📖 Features:

- A brand new steampunk-themed dimension, Blueleaf, accessed through steampunk machinery!

- 9 new breathtaking biomes to explore!

- Upgradeable flying Airships!

- New enemies to defeat and structures to discover!

- New weapons and armor!

⛏ Getting Started:

To get to the dimension, you need to build a transporter machine, crafted from copparite and bronzium. You get those by mining for Rose Copper and Bronzium. Bronzium only generates in boulders and Rose Copper generates anywhere below y34. I recommend using JEI and Sodium Reforged for this mod because the mod is very performance heavy. Reference the videos below for more information. 

👾 Discord:

Join my Discord server to keep up with the mod's development: https://discord.gg/5xBa9ts
🏞 Mod Showcase Videos:





Modification files
H.e.m+V0.1.51.jar - new 2021 updates, adds planes, bosses, airships, blueleaf, removed emberleaf2.96 MB
H.E.M V0.4.05M.jar - Massive update, changes everything3.12 MB

-2 vehicles

-5 biomes, 1 dimension

-1 mob

-1 new weapon

-a ton of new items used for crafting

It is all obtainable in survival, but there is no food or aggressive mobs added to the dimension yet