TVF's The Backrooms

Published by TVFlabs on Sun, 01/09/2022 - 19:41
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A mod I made based on the Backrooms creepypasta. It's in a very early stage right now.



  • This mod is in a very early stage right now so I'd recommend making a new world rather than using an existing one.
  • If you want to get to the Backrooms, the only way to do so is to die. When you respawn, there's a 5% chance that you'll respawn in the Backrooms.
  • If you'd like to test it and have commands, don't use /execute in. Rather, you should use the custom /level command followed by the number of the Level you want to go to, or else the Backrooms won't generate.



  • There's currently no way to get out. While this is lore-accurate, I'll probably add something later.
  • There are no entities yet, but I will add them eventually.
  • It generates using a weird method but I probably won't change that.
  • Sometimes the walls generate weirdly. I've tried a few things and haven't been able to fix it.
  • So far, the only levels are Level 0, Level 1, and Level 2. I'll most likely add more fairly soon.
  • If you use commands, you can access the blocks known as Room Placer, Wall Placer, and Z Wall Placer. These, especially in the case of Room Placer, are very destructive if placed in the Backrooms dimension.


  • Initial release.


  • Added Stained Carpet, which occasionally generates in place of Moist Carpet
  • At the cost of some generation speed, wallpaper is now random per pillar instead of per wall
  • The top and bottom of the wallpaper blocks are now the same as the rest of their sides


  • Added Level 1!
  • You can now get to Level 1 rarely by walking through a doorway on Level 0.
  • Level 1 has two biomes: Normal and Hallways.
  • Added Crates, which occasionally appear in Level 1.
  • Added Almond Water, which can generate inside of crates. It heals you when you drink it.
  • Added five other less important blocks: Concrete, Wet Concrete, Dirty Concrete, Black Doors, and a variation of Fluorescent Lamps for Level 1.
  • Added one other less important item: Empty Bottles, which you get after drinking Almond Water.


  • Added Level 2!
  • You can now get to Level 2 rarely by walking through the hallways on Level 1.
  • Added Pipes, with a custom model by Hidden783.
  • Added two other less important blocks: Dark Red Bricks and Chipped Paint Walls.

Hey how do you generate the infinite structures as a dimension, cuz I'm planning to develop a Backrooms-Inspired mod of my own