Nuclearantics (UPDATE 1)

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Hi there! This is my first (published) mod! 



The Wasteland Dimension at the moment has no way to get to it in vanilla, use the "testitem" item in the creative inventory, but please note there is no way to get back to the overworld after. Spawns with 2 biomes, wasteland and wasteland hills


Scrap Metal block: Naturally generating in structures and can be broken for scrap metal.

Fiber Replicator: Turn Radiated Planks into normal planks.

Radiated Oak Log: Trees spawned in dimension.

Wasteland Hills Block: Used in Wasteland Hills Biome

Radiated Oak Planks: Made from Radiated Oak Log, no other recipes as is, needs to be converted.

Concrete: Not like vanilla concrete, currently just a building block.

Briefcase: Found in structures, get various items when broken.

Worm Egg: Creative only, spawns Wasteland Worms when broken.

Rusty Iron Block: Useless Iron Block

Nuclear Waste: Standing on it gives you Radiation Poisoning


Wasteland Worm: Common enemy, fast but easy to kill.

Radiated Villager: Currently useless passive mob.

Bandit: Rarer and stronger enemy, kills Radiated Villagers.

Gorecrawler: Rarest and strongest mob (so far).

Pike: Kinda glitched water hostile mob.

Robot: Drops Microchips

Busted Car: Drops scrap metal

Weapons and Armor

Rusty Metal Pipe: First and only weapon right now, found from briefcase.

Ruined Red Sweater: Basic defence, found from briefcase.

Scrap Hatchet: Axe

Scrap Spade: Shovel

Other Stuff

Scrap Metal: Currently useless crafting material.

Radiation Poisoning: Effect that drains your health.

Rotten Apple: Rotten flesh but an apple.

Microchip: Currently useless crafting material.


Crashed Helicopter: Rare structure with briefcases and scrap metal inside and near.

House: Ruined house, can be used as beginning point of a base.

House2: Bigger brick factory looking structure, contains chest and scrap.

Lab: Rare structure, Robots spawn inside






Modification files
Nuclearantics EARLY ALPHA.jar - The first version of NuclearanticsUploaded on: 12/21/2020 - 20:06   File size: 199.81 KB
Nuclearantics Update 1_0.jar - The second and current version of NuclearanticsUploaded on: 12/23/2020 - 15:41   File size: 269.22 KB

Added Busted Car, way of getting scrap metal

Added Scrap Hatchet and Spade, Currently unobtainable tools

Added Wasteland Hills Biome and block

Added Nuclear Waste block, step on to get Radiation Poisoning

Added Lab structure

Added Rusty Iron Block

Added Robot mob

Added Microchip, dropped from Robot

Fixed Briefcase spelling

Played that, it's cool! Seriously, I love the atmosphere and really like that log texture. I was right that bringing revolver from my mod will be safer option, as this darkness can give kind of paranoia, pretty sure I shot one of these villagers :D
Some feedback I could add: after using "testitem" I started to suffocate, and after quick kicking into spectator, I saw I generated inside a blocks, deep below the ground

And also gameplay-wise I'd also really suggest to make use of these planks - at least giving the possibility of making sticks! And chest (especially dedicated one, as in BetterEnd/BetterNether <3) would be cool, though I don't insist. Some source of food would be great as well, because I sheltered myself in cave and with food brought from starting chest is all gone XD or maybe I didn't find rotten apples yet, if it's meant to be food of Nuclearantics
Don't get me wrong, I'm not giving you a lot of tasks (if it sounds like that), I just really like the idea, and with these planks + food thing, your dimension will be self-sufficient! <3 also, do you plan to make biomes with slightly brighter sky, or it's meant to be all that creepy? :3