Exotic Biomes

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Exotic Biomes is my first  PUBLIC mod

Bringing Fun, crazy, and EXOTIC new biomes to Minecraft 1.15!

This Mod is a Fun and Crazy Approch to a biome mod, lol

it was a solo project, and its still being updated (i plan to update the mod A LOT)

Some features coming soon are ambient mobs,bosses,Dimentions, And Blocks.


the Current biomes i have in the mod are - 

The Nether Biome

The End Biome

The Flatlands

The Rough Biome

The Radioactive Biome

The Mining Biome

The Flower Biome

(more coming soon)


please Suggest more ideas in the forum, my discord, or my YT Channel

YT: BPDgaming

Discord: https://discord.gg/J9FE8g3

Thanks for reading this, it said no shorter than 300 Characters, so i just made it long lol.

Modification files
Exotics.jar - Have An Exotic Time In the mod :) Uploaded on: 10/18/2020 - 22:47   File size: 55.21 KB

It is stable yet it has more upcoming and still adding more biomes!

Coming Soon: The Spawn/chance rates to be balanced, balancing the cons and pros, more biomes, and *BETTER* mob spawning. :)

i dont played the mod, but some of the biomes adds things that are aldready in minecraft,
the flatlands
the nether
the end
but i think its really good that you want to update this mod, and as i see you have big projects, so an idea is to remove the biomes that are aldready in minecraft and maybe make some new biomes!

cool mod! i really like the ideas and think it would be cool to have a swam X jungle biome!

HEY, Im the creator of the mod but i lost me account, so yeah XD, so i see you guys are giving me lots of feedback, and i plan to fix my mod, THX for all the feedback :)