Rock Bottom

Published by Xbraxusx on Wed, 11/18/2020 - 21:30
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Rock Bottom is a dimension that reflects the worst possible mental state. Most of the blocks, items, mobs, and biomes relate to a negative emotion. You'll enter Rock Bottom when you fall into the void (You can do this in vanilla through the end).


Why go here?
Entering Rock Bottom isn't always your choice but if you do end up here, there are many things to take away from it. However, the main objective is obtaining the Forgiving Heart. This block lets you fly in a certain radius around it.


Forgiving Heart




Well how do I get the Forgiving Heart?
There are many steps you need to take to get the Forgiving Heart.

  • STEP 1: Enter Rock Bottom
    • This one is simple enough, just fall and keep falling until you can't fall anymore.
  • STEP 2: Find 4 items hidden within 4 different structures
    • STEP 2a: Find the Fungus of The Trapped
      • You'll find the Fungus of The Trapped within the stronghold of Fears which can be found in the Malignity Woods Biome or the Deep Depths biome.
      • Stronghold of Fears
    • STEP 2b: Find the Goaded Tear
      • You'll find the Goaded Tear in the Goaded Temple which is found within the Goading Marsh biome.
      • Goading Temple
    • STEP 2c: Find the Frozen Shard
      • You'll find the Frozen Shard in the Frozen Spire which is found in the Frozen Fields biome.
      • Frozen Spire
    • STEP 2d: Find the Hammer of the Tortured
      • You'll find the Hammer of The Tortured in the Wasted Forge which is found within the Wastes of Dismay biome.
      • Wasted Forge
  • STEP 3: Find Chagrin Crystals
    • Chagrin Crystals are essential in creating the Forgiving Heart. You can only find the ore in the Wastes of Dismay biome.
    • Wastes of Dismay biome
    • Chagrin Ore
  • STEP 4: Craft a Chagrin Sword and combine it with the 4 items you obtained.
    • When you combine all the items you obtained earlier with a chagrin sword you'll create a Blade of Despair which is a very powerful weapon that will inflict wither upon your opponents when you attack them.
  • STEP 5: Craft a Heart of Dismay
    • You craft a Heart of Dismay with Chagrin Crystals and some other materials. It can be right clicked to obtain night vision and haste effects but right clicking it with your Blade of Despair will do something else entirely.
    • Heart of Dismay
  • STEP 6:
    • Fight yourself?
    • The Fallen
  • STEP 7:
    • PROFIT
    • The Fallen will drop the Orb of The Mind which will you let you travel between Rock Bottom and the Overworld whenver you like. However, it is also used to create the Forgiving Heart.

What if I end up in Rock Bottom and want to leave?

Too bad. Just kidding. To leave Rock Bottom without fighting The Fallen you'll have to find a Shade.


The Shade will drop an Orb of Forgiveness which will teleport you back to the overworld. The only problem is that it's immune to direct attacks. You can't hurt it with your bow or your sword. However, you can hurt it with indirect attacks. This includes, healing potions, fire, lightning, thorns, etc.

What else is there to experience in Rock Bottom?

There are many things to experience while taking a trip to Rock Bottom. A couple examples are:

  • Grudge Holder: Put in 5 xp levels, get 4 back (It's an investment, 4 xp levels ends up being more total xp at higher levels)
  • Block of Short Temper: An explosives that compiles other explosions together creating one massive explosion all at once.
  • Odium tools: Tools made out of a strange red metal that can be baked in a furnace to provide extra but temporary power and speed.
  • Chagrin armor: Armor that is slightly better than diamond and gives you one point of speed for every piece you have equipped while you're exploring Rock Bottom
  • New buidling blocks and decorations.

Taking feature suggestions in the comments.

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  • V1.0: Initial Release

Awesome :D
For some reason I have a likening to mods that add dark dimensions :P