PacVader1234's Far Ends: Ender Expansion

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Welcome to: PacVader1234's Far Ends: Ender Expansion

Disclaimer: This mod has no mobs yet because the fabric generator that I'm using does not yet support custom java models. This mod uses fabric to make the end biomes.



Chorus Forest:

Pic of Biome

This new biome has a new wood type: Chorus Wood, and some new plants. The wood types in the end are so strong, that they cannot be stripped, or mined without an axe.

End Wilds:

Pic of Biome

This new biome has a new mushroom type: Wildshrooms. These spawn in little patches, and you can combine a bowl with 2 wildshrooms in a crafting table and make wildshroom stew. There is also this plant called a wildstalk which could be crafted into wild sugar.

Perthon Forest:

Pic of Biome

New wood type: Perthon Wood, other types of plants for the biome.

Crystal Valley:

Pic of Biome

A biome FILLED with the Enderial Crystals. These crystals don't do anything yet but let me know what I should do with them!

End Desert:

Pic of Biome

A dry part of the end where no plants spawn, but there is a magenta sand.

Void Forest

Pic of Biome

New Void Wood, a forest with no leaves on the trees. Hmm it reminds me of something.

Orandum Plains:

Pic of Biome

A new biome with orandum nylium and wood.



Pic of Ore

When you mine silver ore, you get raw silver, smelt raw silver.

Pic of Recipe

You will get a silver ingot you can craft it into a Block of Silver

Pic of Recipe

You can use a stonecutter to craft different types of silver blocks

Pic of Recipe

Pic of Recipe


Pic of Ore

When you mine malacite ore, smelt the raw malacite

Then, once you have the ingots you can make malacite tools and blocks.

Pic of Recipe

Pic of Recipe

Oh, and you can make a raw malacite block

Pic of Recipe

Ender Charms:

You can make special charms that give you different effects. Thank you Andygun11 for giving me this idea.

Fire Res Charm:

Pic of Recipe

That is how you craft the charm. Have it in your inventory to give you fire res.

Effect Example:

Pic of Effect

Night Vision Charm:

This charm gives you night vision.

Pic of Recipe

Speed Charm:

This charm gives you speed.

Pic of Recipe

Strength Charm:

This one makes you strong.

Pic of Recipe

All effects at once:

Pic of Effects

Other Features:

End Caves:

Pic of Feature

Other Small Updates:

Better Nylium Textures:

Pic of Feature





That is all the content for now, expect more on the way!

Modification files
FarEnds1.0_0.jarUploaded on: 07/25/2022 - 01:43   File size: 431.95 KB
FarEnds1.1.0.jarUploaded on: 07/28/2022 - 17:02   File size: 377.02 KB
FarEnds1.2.0.jar - Latest VersionUploaded on: 08/06/2022 - 22:25   File size: 475.09 KB

Version 1.2.0:

- Added Orandum Plains

- Better Nylium Textures

- End Caves


Version 1.1.0:

- Added Ender Charms


Version 1.0.0:

- Added everything in first release


So, I tried to update my fabric mod to the latest mcreator snapshot, and it broke everything :'(

I like to think that the wood cannot be stripped or broken without an axe is just a cause of laziness

The crystals remind me of enchantments and other things like that, so maybe you could use them to craft different enchantments? maybe a book, and then some crystals surrounding it in the crafting table?
C = Crystal
B = Book
S = Special Ingredient

Custom Enchantment Book