MCreator's Community ModPack

Published by Goldorion on Sun, 09/01/2019 - 15:25
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MCreator's Community ModPack is a modpack of exploration, and adventure with the best MCreator mods. You are able to explore a lot of new dimensions, biomes, dungeons, find new creatures, and even more !

Into the modpack, you will only have mods created with MCreator except for some mods to have a better Minecraft experience, like Optifine or Journey Map.


If you want to download the modpack, you have to download it on CurseForge because the file is too big for MCreator.


All current mods in the modpack :

AquaticCraft (By RockstarBonnet)

Biota (5.1) (By sssssh)

Cogweheel Dungeons (1.2.1) (By Sir_cookie98)

CosmoCraft (0.0.1) (By RockstarBonnet)

DerbyCraft (1.1.1) (By Finemanederby)

Farm Adventure (2.3) (By me)

LOS - Lots of Stuff (0.2.4) (By Super_cube4)

Oh The Biomes You'll Go ! (1.6.8) (By AOCAWOL)

Pyromancy (1.5) (By RaolTheBest)

TerraCore (1.0.2) (By RockstarBonnet)

Wesley's Roguelike Dungeons (0.7.7) (By evenlekkergamen)


Suggested Mods :

Better FPS (Beta 1.4.8) (By Guichaguri)

Journey Map (5.5.5) (By techbrew)

Just Enought Item (Beta (By mezz)

Optifine (HD U E3) (By sp614x)

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Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files

1.1.0 :

Remove Better FPS

Remove Just Enough Item (JEI)

Remove JourneyMap

Remove Optifine


1.0.0 :

First release of the modpack

Hey, cool modpack :D
A lot of people who don't use Mcreator often think mods made with it are all bad quality things that add random blocks with bad texture work. This can prove them wrong :)

BTW, is everything working fine? Because I remember there was a conflict between Cogwheel Dungeons and TerraCore with 'MusketBall' ID.
I can't fix this myself because for some reason Cogwheel Dungeons breaks when I update to a new Mcreator version (and element ID renaming is not present in 1.8.2, the version I made it on).

Exactly, on practically every external forum to this all despise mcreator. Of course, I also find myself in a similar situation when I see mods made by lazy people who add a mineral and utensils, but this is not always the case, but mcreator's eyes are just that. There is a potential for an original, functional and useful mod, but few people use it

It´s a good idea but as far a i know if you look at they say:
"Can I include OptiFine in my modpack?
Generally no, unless you have an explicit permission from us" just so you know, and you should inform you for the others too. Including just MCreator mods and suggesting these extra mods would be better I guess ;). btw also look at my mods.

Oh thanks you for the information ! I searched before including it, but I didn’t find the information, I will remove it tomorrow. And I will surely suggest these mods (mods didn’t make with MCreator.) !