Buttered Side Down

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Its a mini-mod that adds one new dimension from the popular video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQXUQRFNhUw

It adds a few new items for the weird anomaly.


A new crafting table!


Wire recipe: 3 copper 3 cyan dye 3 red dye shapeless

Circuit board recipe: 2 glass 2 Iron

CPU recipe: 4 Circuit board's 2 Iron 2 Copper and Wire

Custom Crafting Table/Satanic Table Recipe: Y dye R dye Y dye R dye Crafting table R dye Y dye R dye Y dye

Duck Tape Recipe: 2 Dark Grey Dye 2 Eye of spider

Toast is cooked bread

Buttered toast recipe: Toast Gold

The Grand Recipe Of the SATANIC PORTAL (may crash game when entering):

Wire CPU Tape CPU Wire

CPU Wire Toast Wire CPU

Wire Wire Wire Wire Wire

CPU Wire Tape Wire CPU

Tape CPU Wire CPU Tape


Latest supported Minecraft version
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If there are any issues, please tell me :)

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