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The ZIP file uploaded is not the mod and only contains a text file that links to the actual mod's download. I had to do this because the file limit for mods is 20 MB and MCreator doesn't allow you to set a MediaFire, Google Drive, or Mega link as the embedded download.
In case you don't want to download the ZIP and just use a direct download, use the following.

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  • Original Soundtrack



Mod Overview

"CE's Minerals & More" is a mod that seeks to add lots of new materials and resources.
A list of additions includes:

  • New minerals, metals, and rock types
  • Lots of new technical blocks and redstone parts to work with
  • Various new overground and cave biomes
  • A new dimension with new materials
  • An indestructible tool set
  • A handful of new farmables
  • Improved world generaion
  • Original soundtrack that plays in specific biomes



Recommended Mods

Strongly Recommended

The following mods are strongly recommended, as they improve your experience with this mod, and because this mod was developed with these ones in mind.

Other Recommendations

The following mods are alternative recommendations that will additionally improve your experience.




New Minerals, Metals, And Rock Types

This mod adds various new types of rocks, metals, and minerals. Each have their own uses, may that be building, adding alternative recipes for vanilla materials, new tools for automation, or generally making machinery. Most of these materials are biome or climate specific, so you will need to explore your worlds to find them all.


New Technical Blocks And Redstone Parts

Another addition added by this mod are various new technical parts for redstone and automation. On the image above, you can see an example for how a medium scale factory might look. A few examples include:

  • Cables, redirects, batteries, and dischargers for energy management
  • Solar panels, thermal generators, and coal generators for energy production
  • Different material production machines like the purifier, the pressurizer, the electrolyzer, and more
  • Additions to redstone like ticker blocks and specific block detectors

These all go hand in hand to build full production lines for most materials in-game.


New Regular And Cave Biomes

Added are also a collection of new biomes. Like previously mentioned, all of the new biomes come with their on set of materials, but they will also nicely blend into vanilla terrain. The examples seen on the images are the chlorophyl biome, the red wastes, the bauxite steppes, and the zirconian desert. However, this is only a small collection of the actual biomes added.


New Dimension

Additionally packed in this mod is a new dimension: "The Void"

Getting to it alone will prove to be a challenge, as you need to collect a rare resources called omenbone, found in chests at very rare structures only appearing in chlorophyl caves. Collect five of them to craft a key that will let you enter a portal into this place, far far outside of reality. But your troubles shall be rewarded as legends say there is a resource, a stone crafted directly from the misery of people itself, which shall make your tools unbreakable.

No one knows what truly lies in the depth of this dimension, and not many of the few travelers entering it have survived to tell the tale.


New Farmables

Traveling around the world, you will discover new plants in open medium climate areas, like plains. These include grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbages, tea, and strawberries. Each of these can be sold to farmers for emeralds, or consumed. Grapes can be turned into grape juice, from which you can make wine, using mushrooms in a brewing stand. This is just an example, and there's more, so have fun experimenting.


Improved World Generation

Generation of vanilla biomes is improved by additions like rock pillars, boulders, and spikes. These will generate before ores and trees, so it can happen that you're lucky and might find some iron or sulfur on the surface. Another use these are good for is acquiring a small amount of materials otherwise limited to only some biomes or locations. You will, for instance, find small collections of red sandstone and regular sandstone, even in regular and cold climate, but these will be more common, the closer you get to hot climate. A third use of them is for inspiration. These formations often nicely blend into the terrain and lead to interesting sights otherwise very rare or non-existent in vanilla Minecraft, like granite pillars towering regular forests, or stone spikes gracefully neighboring ravines.

On top of that, there are also a handful of structures that generate, like mining camps, traveler's huts, and mineral stashes.

And finally, the last update brings new rock types that blend together the different shapes and materials in the ground better.



Original Soundtrack



Other Links



The soundtrack was composed entirely by "Esoots", and is available on YouTube, Spotify, Bandcamp, and most other major streaming services. Over half an hour of musical work, carefully crafted to capture the essence of every biome. In-game, you will additionally be able to play these tracks through discs, or the /playsound command.


In case you are trying to listen to the songs in their specified biomes, and they are not playing, make sure that you are in survival or adventure mode, as otherwise, only the creative mode music will play. This is due to the fact that the soundtrack makes use of the default biome music feature of Minecraft.

Modification files
Google Drive Download - 1.10.31.zip - File containing an older download.Uploaded on: 06/11/2023 - 18:23   File size: 222 bytes
Google Drive Download - 1.11.43.zip - File containing an older download.Uploaded on: 06/14/2023 - 04:28   File size: 222 bytes
Google Drive Download - 1.12.45_0.zip - File containing an older download.Uploaded on: 06/14/2023 - 20:07   File size: 222 bytes
Google Drive Download - 1.13.56.zip - File containing the newest version.Uploaded on: 06/16/2023 - 11:37   File size: 222 bytes

Version 1.10.31

  • Adjusted distribution of overground rocks to look less chaotic
  • Added iron, gold, emerald, and diamond geodes
  • Updated to Minecraft Forge 1.19.4
  • Added 5 small structures
  • Changed the consumption sound for wine and grape juice to drinking

Version 1.11.43

  • Added gabbro, gneiss, peat, dirty cobblestone, rocky stone, shale, deepstone, and slate
  • Adjusted ore distribution
  • Added various dirt splotches to forests
  • Improved world generation with additional rock distribution
  • Added block types for new rock types
  • Fixed crafting recipe for graphite building blocks
  • Added white and red dye recipes for chalk and cinnabar

Version 1.12.45

  • Fixed biome display names, old saves will still use the old names
  • Fixed the updated loot table causing gravel not to drop itself

Version 1.13.56

  • Fixed the crafting recipes for black ice and tailored stone
  • Changed the enchanted coin to not be consumed after teleportation
  • Added mudstone, siltstone, and pumice as well as their block types
  • Fixed log stripping for all new logs
  • Added overgrown variants for cobblestone, dirty cobblestone, mossy cobblestone, rocky stone, and stone

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