Blocks, Tools, Realms and Beyond!

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This mod adds thousands of new blocks, and a new fantasy set of dimensions: The Ultramarine Lands, Alexandroth and Arklandia (Upcoming.)

  • Enjoy more than 15 new beautiful decorative stones that are explosion resistant.
  • Build around with over 300 new stairs and slabs, and 200 new walls.
  • Have fun with even more blocks derived from vanilla stones and wood.
  • Play around with dozens of new tools and armor, from stone to way better than diamond gear.
  • Explore several new dimensions, collect ores, explore, kill bosses and upgrade your gear.


The mod is in heavy development, and new dimensions and bosses will come over a period of several months. The mod rewrite was complete less than 1 month after it started.



The mod download is at curseforge (Mod file larger than 20 MB.) Do NOT download the old file on this website. It is OUTDATED and may cause bugs/crashes. Only use the curseforge download.  

Curseforge Download Link: 



To update the mod to a new snapshot, do these steps.

1. Go to Curseforge and download the latest version and ignore the jar file may harm your computer warning.

2. Back up your saves and older version of the mod just in case of problems.

3. Copy the jar file to your mods folder and overwrite the old file. It should upgrade smoothly.

4. Run the game with the new snapshot.

Modification files
BTRB 1.2 20-0601-1.15.2.jar - DO NOT DOWNLOAD ME - USE CURSEFORGE DOWNLOAD INSTEAD.Uploaded on: 06/01/2020 - 23:42   File size: 15.04 MB

To see the changelog, go to this link:

The changelog only is updated when a new snapshot has released.

I am rewriting my mod completely from scratch to make it neater, fix bugs and other things. My next snapshot will be out after at least a week. This occurred because my old PC's motherboard fried and I haven't had time to transfer the ssd's data to my new PC.