[JaTM #9] Tropical Islands Mod

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It's been a while, i guess. A new JaTM is here!

There has been some annoying stuff i've had to fix, and some stuff could not be implemented due to a buggy behavior (buttons, saplings), so i'm sincerly sorry for that. Also some of the stuff implemented in the mod still has a somewhat buggy behavior, such as the palmtrees.

Anyway, this mod adds a... very generic idea, i guess?... which is of course the Tropical Islands biome. It is a warm biome you can usually find near warm ocean biomes. Here you'll find a new type of trees, which is the Palm Tree, allowing you to make a new type of planks, which... does as much as any other type of planks (except buttons - i told you why). Besides that, you will also find 2 new plants (although one of them isn't quite a plant): The Pineapple and The Coconut. The first one is a growable crop, obtainable by breaking one of the already grown plants on the island, then you can get seeds from the fruit and plant them on farmlands (watered ones work best because uh oh more bugs lol). The second one is the coconut! What can you do with it? Either craft it into an edible Coconut Milk item which will give you a few hunger points, but also clear your potion effects, or use a regular coconut to shoot enemies! (bonus reward: may sometimes clear effects from the entity it shot!)

Guess that's all, really the only thing worrying me is the amount of errors this mod has, and how such a simple idea made this mod have around 60 elements (which is way too much for a JaTM). If you find any major exploitable bugs (not like "lol leaves decay" - probably caused by structure spawning, by the way), comment them and i may push a minor bugfix. It's a "comeback" after several months, and it's probably the largest JaTM with effort put into it, yet it seems so rushed and not so good to me.

Hope you enjoy it, despite some bugs.

JaTM means Just a Tiny Mod, it's a series of mods that only add some minor things to Minecraft relvolving around a single idea instead of larger systems of various elements. The mods won't get updates unless there is a bugfix.

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Version 1.0

- exists

oooooooo another one
i used almost exactly the same coconut idea
maybe add mangoes?
wait no you're probably not adding stuff because it's just a tiny mod

one of those textures severely resembles weedwood from the betweenlands.