Refreshed Nether

Published by Bronze on Mon, 12/30/2019 - 00:40
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Welcome! I worked really hard listening to Metal on this mod, so I really hope you'll Like it!


Im really sorry but there won't be any 1.12 backport, it haves too many issues.


Mr. Cubist is now Texture Designer and im really happy about that.


[+230] Mod Elements

Current Armors

(Nether Larva Armor)

[Everytime when set on fire automatically gives Fire Resistance in cost of Low Durabillity]

(Magma Armor)

Current Mobs

(Magma Snake)

[Magma Snake now spawns normally, but you can still find nests, those just appear more rare]

Nether Magma Snake

(Nether  Viper)

Nether Viper

(Nether Grass Bug)


(Soul Face)

(Big Nether Larva (Rideable) )

(Nether Larva)

Baby Ghast

Melting Skeleton (Withered Bone Source)

Pigman Guardian



(Nether Larva King with Brand New Textures)

[Set on fire His egg to Summon him]

(Pigman Commander)

(Right click while Holding Golden Necklace to summon him)






Current Item List


Current Blocks (Red Mushroom on Left is Crop)


Structures (There's more than those but i just want to leave some space)

(Magma Snake Nest)

Magma Snake Nest

Wart Field

Wart Field with Netherrack Stalagmite

Big Mushroom Tree

Pigman Outposts

Advancements (Appear in Nether Tab)

Recipe (Only complicated ones)

(Lava Canoon)

Lava Canoon

(Melting Magma)

Melting Magma

(Nether Larva King Egg)

Nether Larva King Egg

(Obsidian Bottle)

Obsidian Bottle

(Nether Larva Boots)

Larva Boots

(Nether Larva Leg Protectors)

Larva Leggings

(Nether Larva Suit)

Larva Suit

(Nether Larva Hood)

Larva Hood

Lava Canoon Glow-Shard Module

Magnetite Arrow

Magnetite Bow

Exosuit Summon Item (In order to find Power Cell and Safe Belt blueprints You must Kill

Nether Larva King and search in Nether Temple)

[In order to get Wither Rose you must make Wither kill an Animal]

Withered Bone Sword

Withered Bone Pickaxe

Withered Bone Axe


Be sure to download latest mod version!

Project members
Texture designer
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Release type
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version

Version - 1.2


-Added Nether Viper

-Now you can Collect Glowstone with Obsidian Bottle

-Added Magma Shovel

-Fixed Baby Ghast, now it spawns normally

-Structures now don't appear so close each other

-Nether Temple is now harder to find

-Added Glow-Shard, ammo for Glow-Shard Canoon (Lava Canoon module)

-Added Obsidian Shard Gravel


Version - 1.3


-Baby Ghast deals less damage

-Obsidian Shard Gravel spawns Normally


Version - 1.4 Plants and Overall Update


-Added Magnetite bow and Arrows

-Added Magnetite ore

-Added Mushroom Tree Structures

-Added new Mob Soul face

-Added 2 New Plants

-Added 1 New Crop

-Added 3 New Food's

-Improved Larva King's Texture

-Added new Advancements

-Added Iron Nugget Netherrack


Version 1.4.1


-Fixed bug with advancement being added by itself


Version - 1.5 Exosuit Update


-Added Exosuit

-Added Rotten Mushroom Block and Stem

-Added new Structures

-Now instead of Getting one Magnetite Arrow you get Four

-Larva King haves New textures

-Added Oak Gear and Redstone Wire


Version - 1.6


-Added new block, steaming magmaand withered cobweb

-Added new mob Pigman Guardian

-Added new Boss pigmen Commander

-Added new items Withered Bone Sword, Axe and pickaxe

-Added new structures

-Armors can take much more damage than before


Version - 1.7


-Added new block, withered bone

-Added new structure

-Added Melting Skeleton

-Changed Withered Tools Recipe



Submitted by Bronze on Mon, 12/30/2019 - 08:54

If you have any ideas how i could Improve my Mod please tell me.

Submitted by Mr. Cubist on Mon, 12/30/2019 - 21:26

I love the larva. I'd recommend having more light in your pictures tho. Other than that nice mod.

Wow! This looks amazing! I'm shocked this doesn't have more downloads.

Cool mod and logo :D
I would recommend improving the Nether Larva King texture (I know big mobs are hard to be made, but I think that if you added more shades in the textures it would look a lot better)