But Do We Need More Biomes (BDWNMB)

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A small work in progress mod that is focused on biomes and generation. 

Mod is in development so things may be removed, it is advised to not use this mod on any long term project until it I sort everything out.



Dogwood forest and Dogwood forest hills: A forest with large flowering trees and a nice light green foliage and grass. The only place you can find Lavender flowers and dogwood trees

Wasteland, A biome with no life other than the occasional grass and nightly monsters.

Amplified hills: A biome that resembles the amplified world type.



Rose: The flower that was replaced by the poppy in early Minecraft (Crafted into red dye)

Lavender: A new purple flower found exclusively in the dogwood forest and hills (Crafted into purple dye)

Dogwood tree, a dark wooded flowering tree



Opal: A gem that changes through colors of the rainbow, can be made into a powder, block or black opal.

Black opal: Planned to be a very important part of the mod, it currently has no use.



Special Desert Well (Name is not permanent): A very rare structure that looks identical to the desert well but has a chest under the wells bottom.

Abandoned Structures: Rare structures that look like rotting, falling apart plains village structures that spawn in the Wasteland, only one is implemented so far.

Lost chest, a chest found in the Amplified biome.



Overgrown plains, a rare dangerous biome that was going to resemble the plains biome. The biome was never finished, it looked almost identical to the plains.


Known bugs:

Roses spawn in the Wasteland biome

You can't walk through dogwood saplings



Finish up abandoned structures

Fix rose spawning


As this mod in in development, any ideas are welcome

Modification files
BTWNMB(Pre-V2)-1.16.5.jar - BTWNMB Pre Release Version 2.Uploaded on: 08/23/2021 - 16:15   File size: 231.99 KB

Biomes: Amplified hills, Wasteland

Advancements: One for each new biome and one for obtaining black opal

Structures: Abandoned Pen 1, Lost chest

Blocks: Opal Block, Black Opal Block, Opal Ore

Items: Opal, Opal Powder, Black Opal, Dogwood Flower

Removed: Overgrown Plains, Overgrown plains advancement

Dogwood forest looks like a cool concept, but the textures should be improved, every pixel needs to be placed carefully, don't just make lots of random pixels.

Also maybe add some more variation to the leaves, so some of them don't have as many flowers, it might take a while, but it'll look more varied.

Also this is a really cool mod, bye!