But Do We Need More Biomes (BDWNMB)

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Project status
In development
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version

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A small work in progress mod that is focused on biomes and generation. 

Mod is in heavy development so things will be changed, added and removed constantly, it is advised to not use this mod on any long term project until it is stable



Dogwood forest and Dogwood forest hills: A forest with large flowering trees and a nice light green foliage and grass. The only place you can find Lavender flowers and dogwood trees

Overgrown plains, a rare dangerous biome that resembles the plains biome. This biome is nowhere near being finished and looks almost identical to the plains as of now.



Guess you needed more biomes: Download BDWNMB (You can not get this as of now)

Dangerous plains: Enter an overgrown plains

Vibrant hills: Ender a dogwood Forest Hills

Vibrant Forest: Enter a dogwood Forest 



Rose: The flower that was replaced by the poppy in early Minecraft (Crafted into red dye)

Lavender: A new purple flower (Crafted into purple dye)



Special Desert Well (Name is not permanent): A rare structure that looks identical to the desert well but has a chest under the wells bottom


As this mod in in development, any ideas are welcome

Modification files

3 new biomes: Dogwood forest, Dogwood hills, Overgrown plains

4 advancements: One for each biome and one for downloading

1 wood type: Dogwood, only found in dogwood forests

2 flowers: Rose, Lavender

1 structure: Special Desert Well