The Forgotten Biomes

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From the creator of the Extreme Animals Mod come The Forgotten Biomes Mod! Explore these biomes forgotten after the "abandonment" and a bunch of faces within the biomes!

Current Version: Beta 1.0.0
Biomes: Abandoned Plains, Fluffy Hills, Infectious Desert
Official Website:

More to come!

Modification files
The-Forgotten-Biomes_Beta1.0.0_1.12.2.jar - The Forgotten Biomes BETA 1.0.0659.78 KB

Beta 1.0.0:

Abandoned Plains
- Semi-rare biome
   - Spawns small "Faded Trees"
       - Used to make Faded Planks
       - Faded Wood Knife instead of Wood Sword
   - Only spawns "Wanderer" mob rarely
      - Drops "Faded Emerald"
        - Used to make "Wanderer's Staff"
           - Uses Faded Essence to fire
   - Faded trees are not regrow-able, must craft new Faded Logs and Leaves
      - Faded Leaves will give you "Faded Apple" upon broken if there is an apple in your inventory


Fluffy Hills

- Uncommon Biome
   - Spawns "Rainbow Wood" Trees
      - Used to make Rainbow Wood Planks
   - Spawns "Fluffy Cow", "Fluffy Pig", "Unibunny", "Chickadee", "Fluffy Zombie", and "Fluffy Creeper"
      - Rainbow Beef and Steak
      - Rainbow Porkchop
      - Sparkles
      - Fluffy Feathers
      - Rainbow Flesh
      - Rainbow Dust
    - Adds "Fluffy Armor", "Rainbow Blade" and tools, "Rainbow Laser Pistol", and "Rainbow Bomb"
    - New Ore: Rainbow Crystal
    - Sparkly Mud, Clay, Terracotta, and Glazed Terracotta
       - Adds glaze and all of the colors
       - Decorative blocks
    - Elytra crafting recipe
       - Made with Bundled Feathers, Rainbow String, and Harness

Infectious Desert
- Uncommon Biome
   - New flower: "Viral Rose"
   - Infected Sand, Sandstone, and Glass
   - Infected Totem
      - Spawns "Infected Anubis"
         - Boss
    - Spawns "Infected Skeleton"
   - Adds "Viral Blades" and "Viral Armor