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Ever wanted to explore the void? Jumping off the world in the end no longer kills you. Instead, it's a more or less one-way journey to the void realms. In each of the six layers, you gather resources, all while the environment gets progressively more hostile. When you reach the final layer, you can summon the final boss of this mod and get some pretty nifty gear. However, if you fall here, you can't go back. If you go too high here, you'll get damaged. If you really want to go back, you need to beat the boss

there are six layers in the void. If you fall into the void, you move 1 layer down


The First Layer: [The Forest of Mistakes]

(the first layer)
The background behind the text is the first layer


The first layer is the most peaceful layer in the void. There are no hostile mobs except for endermites.

Starlight Crystal, a very rich resource here, is used in trades with Endermen or Voyagers

It may be good to live in a safe place for the rest of your life, but unfortunately, you can't find the resources to return home here.

To go to the last layer of the void, to go back home, we have to go down layers.


The Second Layer [The Forest of Desire]

(the second layer)

Aggressive monsters begin to appear. There are "Floaters," descendants of Ghasts, brought by Enderman, live.

they will pour fireballs over your head. They can be stabilized with teews berries, and in stable condition, they can be ridden and fly

you can find dnomaid ore


The Third Layer [The Last Resting Place]

(the third layer)

As the name suggests, it can be peaceful compared to the second floor because there are few areas where hostile monsters appear.

But if you go into a colony of Pale Widows that live here... Further details are omitted.

You can find dlareme, purpurium and derstone ore

It's hell from the next layer, so you'd better be thoroughly prepared here.


The Fourth Layer [The Desert of No Returns]

(the fourth layer)

It's very difficult to survive from here. Monsters here can kill you just by passing by.

Maybe you should prepare a styptic, but... You can get it from layer 5 (what a paradox lol).

The headfish living here can get on your head and assassinate you. You'd better keep your helmet on...

But there are not only hostile monsters here. If you make friends with the neutral monsters called "Moongazer", they'll fight for you


The Fifth Layer [The Swamp of Challengers]

(the fifth layer)

We're almost there. descendants of the creepers live here. Some of them can attack from a long distance, so you have to be careful.

However, it can also be used to craft weapons.

You can mine bedrock fragments here to obtain the bedrock equipment.

Enchantment can be done with Pioneer. Pioneers are neutral monster, they will receive the heart of monster and give your tool good enchantments


The Sixth(last) Layer [The Last Bedrock Flat]

(last layer)

It's the last layer. It is a quiet and desolate place with bedrock, soul sand, and only a few flowers.

At the center of the world (x=0, z=0), there is a structure called "Temple of Chaos" . you can uses "Heart of the Void" to summon the final boss called the Chaos.

and after you beat him, you can get the strongest sword and armor, and escape the void.

but remember. The Chaos VERY STRONG


Language: English, Korean

Modification files
voidcraft1.8.1.jarUploaded on: 05/06/2022 - 10:51   File size: 13.22 MB

Bug fixed - Curse absorber didn't work

Bug fixed - Poisoned needle shooter bug fixed

Bug fixed - Curse absorber didn't work as intended

Changed - Void creepers now spawn more often

Changed - You can duplicate pale widow fang with purpurium nuget

Bug fixed - Mobs didn't spawn in void waste

1.6 - Big Update! :

  • New Blocks: explosive ranul fruit, starlight crystal ore, budding starlight crystal block, stairs, slabs, bark, etc for mod woods, floater egg, etc
  • New Mobs: squrider, chaos minion (floater, repeerc, widow), voyager grunt
  • New Items: halo helmet, long jump pack, totem of ender, floater tear, new 3 paintings
  • New Game Mechanics: Chaos now drops Halo additionally, Dlareme can now be used to restore health, You can now breed floaters with teews berry


  • Changes: The AI of Chaos has been updated, Asoners and Dashers explode when they attack their opponents, not when they die
  • New Item: Curse Pearl, a Curse pearl is long-range weapons that players can use. It give the target curse of Chaos and curse of void
  • New Advancement: Breeding On-Air(breed floaters), Eye for an Eye(attack Chaos with curse pearl)


  • A new attack by Chaos has been added
  • Desperate soul sand no longer deletes items


  • Fourth layer has changed
  • Added new Moongazer, Pioneer mob


  • Pioneer bug fixed


This mod, even after a year, is my all time favourite MCreator mod.

Yo, Im trying To make a Void Mod aswell U got any ideas that i could use? i kinda dont know what to do and you seem like a good developer.

"You will be cursed and killed if you try to climb up to 255" - is it about vanilla End or about Voidcraft dimensions/under End?

I've been trying to do something like this for a while lol (minus the layers which is a really cool concept) but I couldn't figure out how to detect the player falling into the void, anyway I'd like to do a review of this mod on my youtube channel if you don't mind :)

This is honestly one of the cooler mods I've seen on MCreator. Exellent concept, visually incredible, and has a boss at the bottom layer.