Published by SOOSMART on Wed, 06/16/2021 - 06:17
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When you fall into the void, you move downlayer. There are 6 layers

You will be cursed and killed if you try to climb up to 255

First Layer

The first layer is the most peaceful place in the void. Endermites are the only hostile monsters.

Second Layer

From the second layer, aggressive monsters begin to appear. Floaters, flying monsters, can be tamed with berries.

Third Layer

On the third layer, more dangerous monsters start coming out. Watch out for spiders.

Fourth Layer

The fourth layer is more difficult to survive. Monsters here can kill you just by passing by.

Fifth Layer

Trying to live here is never a good idea. On the fifth layer, you mine the bedrock fragments to make the equipment.

Sixth Layer

There's nothing on the sixth layer. Except for bedrock, soul sand, and Chaos boss.

Chaos Boss

You can summon Chaos with Chaos core and Heart of the Void

You can summon a Chaos Buster by placing Blanium block on body, Dnomaid Block on arms, Dlareme block on head, and right click Heart of Monster on Dlareme block

More details are in the advancement.

Languages: English, Korean


Modification files
VoidCraft_5.jar - Bug fixed - Mobs didn't spawn in void waste2.61 MB

Bug fixed - Curse absorber didn't work

Bug fixed - Poisoned needle shooter bug fixed

Bug fixed - Curse absorber didn't work as intended

Changed - Void creepers now spawn more often

Changed - You can duplicate pale widow fang with purpurium nuget

Bug fixed - Mobs didn't spawn in void waste

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This is honestly one of the cooler mods I've seen on MCreator. Exellent concept, visually incredible, and has a boss at the bottom layer.