Ages And Realms

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A magic tesseract suddenly appears into your world. You realize that it contains immense power. What will you use it for ?


Ages And Realms is a mod that resolves around a magic tesseract. Use it to explore other dimensions and craft some usefull equipment. This is the first release so sorry in advance for any bugs you may find :P. Please make sure to leave below in the comments any bug you find, recomendation or feed.


Known Issues:

  • The balance of the weapons, tools and armour may need some work (Please let me know)
  • I could not make the Khestiqith Creeper act like an actual creeper (Let me know if you know how to do it)
  • Some Names of the items need to change

Future Plans:

  • Add boss mobs
  • Add more mobs
  • Add New dimensions with new equipment
  • Expand the magic types in Prurix dimension
  • Add Advancements to guide players through the mod


Note: It is higly recommended that you use JEI(Just Enogh Items) for the recipes!

Ennergy Bottle:

You need to have bottles in your Inventory. Then right click with magic tesseract in hand

Steel Manufacturer:

    1. Right click with Lava Bucket.

    2. Right click with Coal Block.

    3. Right click with Iron Block.

    4. Right click and get your steel.

Monster Burner:

    To obtain right click with lava conteiner in off hand.

Albright Helmet:

    Gives you night vision

Charisma Gauntlets (Weared in chest slot):

    Give you Haste II

Note: Lepreanyx ore spawn naturally in Berserkseyrr dimension 10-37 y.

Thunder Infusioner:

   0. Be in berserkseyrr dimension.

   1. Right click with Lepreanyx Battleaxe.

   2. Right click with Offence Tesseract in main hand and Lepreanyx in off hand.

   3.Right click to get your Thunder Infused Battleaxe.

Predators Armor:

    Gives Strength II and Speed III

Note: Khestiquith Portal Block Spawn Naturally in Berserkseyrr dimension on 12-13 y.


  Right click with Charcoal.

Hand Cannon:

  To reload you need to have Khestiqith powder in your inventory.

Moflynuor Infusioner:

    0. Make sure the block above is air.

    1. In the first slot insert Xaequemyn Log.

    2. In the second slot insert Xaequemyn Water Bucket (to obtain it hop in xaequemyn water with lepreanyx bucket in hand).

    3. Break the ore with an axe.

Armor Infusioner:

    1. Place mkI armor in the middle 

    2. Place Left Lepreanyx Block, Top Diamond Block , Right Steel Block


Tesseract Infusioner:

    Surround mkII armor piece with Defence Tesseract.

Moflynuor Armor:

    Gives Resistance and slowness according to armor level.

Note: Magic Essence spawns naturally in 1 - 20 y. (in Prurix dimension)

Magic Essence Divider:

    0. Make sure you have Magic connector with energy bottles above.

    1. Place Magic Essence Tesseract in the middle.

    2. Get your elemental essence

Pyro, Aero, Aqua, Terra blocks:

    Surround Blank Item with the according essence

Magic Connector:

    Magic connector can give upgraded elemental blocks according to the black that it has north from it an the block that it has south from it.

    Pyro + Pyro = Lava

    Aero + Pyro = Electro

    Pyro + Terra = Crystal

    Aero + Aero = Toxic

    Aqua + Aero = Cloud

    Aqua + Aqua = Cryo

    Terra + Aqua = Chloro

    Terra + Terra = Metal

Upgraded Elemental Blocks:

    Surround Blank Item with the according essence just like in the above elemental blocks.


    Place the according elemental essence on the sides to get your new essence.

Elemental Armor and Staffs:


    Armor gives fire resistance and Staff throws fireball.


    Gives buffs underwater.


    Gives speed IV and when staff is in hand removes blocks in a cross formation around you.


    Gives buffs when on earth.


    Gives Fire resistance, can turn water buckets in off hand in lava buckets, staff shoots better fireballs.


    When full crystal armor is worn staff removes Ores with better drops or insta melts gold and iron.


    Give resistance V and slowness II. Staff Creates an indestructuble shell around you.


    Gives health boost and staff replaces blocks with chloro branches tha effect player regen IV.


    Armor effects haste III and staff applies weakness III and Slowness V on targets.


    Armor allows player to fly and when staff is in hand removes blocks around the player with blocks.


    Staff Applies poison IV on targets and armor allows to walk on Idotis without getting poisoned.


    Staff summons thunder and armor effects the player with speed VI.

Note: Uranium ore spawn naturally in Berserkseyrr dimension 13-18 y.

Idotis Water Pump:

  1.     Place above Idotis water. 
  2.     Place Lepreanyx Bucket Inside.
  3.     Remove the bucket or right click with empty syring.

Idotis Incinerator:

      Place Coal in black slot and used syringe above .

Syringe Filler:

    Always Place Uranium and toxic syringe in the according colored boxes.

    The first item leads the crafting:

     Offence Tesseract + Uranium + Toxic Syringe = Strength Syringe

     Miner's Tesseracrt + ...   = Haste Syringe

     Defence Tesseract + ...   = Regeneration Syringe

     Water Essence + ...  = Water Buff Syringe

     Terrs Essence + ... = Saturation Syringe

     Aero Essence + ... = Movement Syringe

     Xaequemyn Water + ... = Clear effect Syringe

     Magic Essence TEsseract + ... = Luck Syringe

     Magic Tesseract + ... = Random effect Syringe (Has 60% chance to effect a very usefull effect and 40% to apply a bad effect, but hey you have the clear needle right?)


Ages And Realms Beta 1.1


  • Added Xaequemyn Golem in Xaequemyn Dimension
  • Added Magic Golem in Prurix Dimension
  • Added Molten Creature in Idotis Dimension
  • When full Toxic Armor is worn in Idotis it effects Resistance I and Regeneration I
  • [Bugfix]Moflynuor Armor mkIII now effects Resistance III and Slowness III

Ages And Realms Beta 1.2

  • Added Boss mobs with unique Drops
  • To summon the boss you need to search fot the boss structure in every dimension and right click the block in the middle with the according tesseract in hand 
  • Grodoul's warhammer deals a good ammount of damage but is slow 
  • Nanook's tooth applies strength III when in offhand and predators armor is on
  • Musket is a better hand cannon
  • Khor's heart when in inventory and Moflynuor Armor mkIII is on applies Resistance IV
  • Prexius Necklace when in inventory adds Absorbtion II when low on health
  • Zero nox Enchanced Toxic Tesseract when combines with Random Effect Syringe gives the buff syringe that applies Speed IV, Haste IV, Streght IV, Regeneration I, Resistance I, Absorption II for 2 minutes

Ages And Realms Beta 1.3

  • Added New Dimension, Anith! (WIP: need to add the recipes)

Anith is a dimension ruled by dark magic. Eqiup your new staffs and robes!

Dark Kit - Speed X and Staff Throws wither effect.

Demon Kit - Strenght III and ability to fly.

Blood Kit - Life steal.

Necro Kit - Summons Souls when Right clicked on block. (Be aware souls fight each other)    

Note: To get cremated bones shovel a lot of Hallowed gravel

  • Fixed Custom Models And Some Textures
  • Custom Items appear better when held or in GUI
  • Added Advancements


Yo that is a great mod. That's a lot of effort! You should fix Moflynuor Armor mk3 doesn't apply neither ressistance nor slowness

Coolest mod I've ever played!! Keep up the great work!!