Nuclear winter

Published by jsnotlout on Wed, 01/30/2019 - 00:39
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Nuclear Winter the mod.



The world of evergreen used to be a lush place full of life and sunshine.
But war broke out and as the fighting continued the city council decided to use nuclear weapons
to end the war. But alas they didn't consider the consequences and Evergreen fell into nuclear winter. This is where you
come in, you enter the world after 30 years and everything is dead. There are destroyed trees and buildings. But you may seek 
shelter from the radioactive water and land under the ground! There are many bunkers scattered around underground with inhabitants. Filled with Supplies and food these bunkers are quite safe.
But beware their are some mob infested destroyed bunkers!
Your challenge? Save this world




Have you ever wanted to explore a nuclear winter in Minecraft?

Well then this is the mod for you, With tons to explore and enjoy your bound to have a good time looking around at all the mod has to offer!

This mod adds 5 New structures to explore (at your own risk)

And many different mod elements

Official Discussion:


(Warning if you want to keep the list of elements a secret then don't read past this!)




  • List of things added:
  • Ashen Grass
  • Ashen Cobblestone
  • Powdered Stone
  • Dead Wood  (Has Gravity)
  • Dead Wood Planks  (Has Gravity)
  • Ash
  • The Dead Lands (The Nuclear Winter)
  • Radioactive Water 
  • Compressed Diamond
  • Stone Powder
  • Nether Shard
  • Compressed Diamond Sword
  • Compressed Diamond Axe
  • Compressed Diamond Shovel
  • Compressed Diamond Pickaxe 
  • Compressed Diamond Armor 
  • Nuclear Amulet (Used For Lighting Portal To the DeadLands)
  • 2 Different types of bunkers found under ground
  • 3 Above ground Structures
  • Radio Active bugs (Blow up When destroyed, they also spawn a surprise!)


PS: Sorry that i don't have much to wright but the mod kinda folds out as you go

PS: Sorry about the lackluster mod image i am working on a new one

PS: I have been working on this since August 2018 so i hope i weeded out most of the bugs


Known Bugs:

  1. When you enter the dimension you sometimes get teleported into the ground, this is not my fault it seems to be a bug in Mcreator





Modification files
Nuclear Winter mod file.jar - Nuclear Winter Version 1.0.1961.24 KB

1-29-19: Released!

1-30-19: Added Radio Active Bugs