Oh The Biomes You'll Go 5 [New Update!]

Submitted by AOCAWOL on Wed, 06/15/2016 - 17:37

Biomes You Go (For Short) adds in new biomes,ores,dimensions and more!


Important: For recipes,pictures,info and more go to: http://biomesyougo.weebly.com/


Author's Message: Hi Guys! Very important update, I do believe the mod is now server compatible! I need testers so please leave in the comments if its working!

MOTW 4 times!

MUST READ: Note this mod is too big for mcreator to upload. Please go to my website to download the latest version! Sorry for the inconvenience!


Overworld Biomes:

Autumn Forest: A orange and pretty forest, with the new Cika Tree!


Lush Forest: A refurbished version of the previous Lush Forest from 1.0, with new Old Birch Trees, and new bright colors!


Red Rock Mountains: A amazing biome that has the new Red Rock with mountains going so, so high!


Red Desert: A desert variation that looks normal but spawns the new Roamer Zombie and has some dead trees too!


Willow Swamp: A swamp with the new Willow Trees!


Athura Forest: A bright and very pretty forest, with very high terrain!


Shrubs: A dry but life-ish area!

Marsh: A varient of the Willow Swamp.



Tasty: Eat Cooked Ruto Seeds

We Need To Go Darker: Place Dark Obsidian

Glowing Perfection: Craft Glowshroom Stew

Corny: Eat some corn!



Permerdite: A very rare purple gem ore, that can only be mined with the Tamrelite Pickaxe! [Its tools and armour are crafted the same way like any other tool or armour set]


Tamrelite: An orange ore that can be mined with a diamond pick, this ore is not very rare, but it is not common. [Its tools and armour are crafted the same way like any other tool or armour set]


Kasai: There technically isn't any ore, but this ingot is hard to make, and makes the most powerful tools in biome you go! [sword,pick,and axe only]


Junite: A ore sorta like Quartz, but can craft cool new things!


Copper: No Use RN


Silver: Very Shiny! Makes a long sword, and the blocks form a path to the new dimension!




Red Rock: A rock that is red, and you can make bricks out of it too!


Dark Stone: A purple stone only spawning in the dark dimension


Temadite Stone: A really cool stone that makes awesome bricks and pillars! [Shiro Dimension Only]


Athura Stone: A new pretty stone in the Athura Forest, no use yet.


Licht Stone: A pretty stone in the Licht Dimension, no use yet.



-Flowers: Purple Orchid, Blue Tulip, Blue Hostonia, Orange Dandelion, Pink Rose, Green Tulip, Yellow Allium, Flaumig, Paeonia, Desert Flower.

-BookShelfs: All wood variants, including vanilla and biomeyougo! There crafted the same way except with that variants plank!

-Dark Cobblestone Table




Blue Berry: Gives 3 hunger and haste for 30 seconds.


Black Berry: Gives 3 hunger and Strength for 30 seconds.


Midori, and Ruto Seeds: Raw gives 2 1/2 hunger, cooked gives 3 1/2 hunger, also can be given to dogs!


StrawBerry: Gives 2 1/2 hunger


Glowshroom Soup: Gives Regeneration and 6-7 hunger.




Chain Plating: Is used to craft chain armour, and iron horse armour!



Licht Pig: A pig varient found in the Licht Dimension


Silva Wolf: A wolf varient only found in Roofed Forest


Roamer: A zombie variation only spawning in the Red Desert biome.


Dark Zombie: A zombie variation only spawning in the Dark Forest.


Shiro Cow: A cow variation only spawning in the Shiro Plains


Cyprus Worm: A very hostile worm in the Cavas Dimension


Turtle: A cute turtle that spawns in river biomes! What more is there to say?


Lillager: A crazy blood thirsty villager lost in the licht dimension. Don't go near it!


Change log: 5.2.0
-Removed Cyprus  Dimension
-Removed Shimo Dimension
-Added Cavas Dimension
-Added Licht Pig
-Added Corn
-Add achievment "Corny" 
-Fixed certain Dimensions..


Planned Features:

- Structures for all dimensions

-Re-add Junite Light

-Add Junite Tools and Armour Sets!

-Add New Biomes


If you want to make a video using this mod, go ahead! Just make sure to give credit and a link to this page.

Important: if you're interested in putting this into a modpack, please email me at biomesyougo@gmail.com

Have a suggestion? Find a bug? Place it in the comments below!


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Great work! A lot of depth and I can easily see this replacing Biomes O' Plenty or ExtrabiomesXL with some more content.

Submitted by drekac on Sat, 06/25/2016 - 07:16

Nice stuff! You really nailed the colors of biomes. Also nice mod post. 10stars for ya :)

Gj!You can use shaders to make this pictures look more attractive

Submitted by LightDung on Tue, 06/28/2016 - 14:39

Nice Stuff! You must be worked hard on this!

@#4 Thanks, Glad you enjoy it! This mod was very tricky at first, with structures and custom tree generation in the Open Forest, but now I feel now that I know this mod more, I feel updates will come quicker from now on ^-^

Submitted by veljko53 on Fri, 07/01/2016 - 18:08

i suggest adding space biome with planets made out of space stone and some stars made out of glowstone

Cool Mod! And by the way the Sora Grass Sounds are must to be Plant, not Ground.

-Dear, TermiTyranno