The Delta Mod

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The Delta Mod is a mod focused on Boss Progression in a dimension with unique biomes, items, and mobs, so far there is only one boss. Keep in mind this is an early version.

The Lift Dimension is where you will start your survival journey :)

To get to this dimension you will need to create a portal frame made of Lift Rock and use the igniter found in the "Delta Tools" creative bar.


Things are still a bit wonky and I won't explain the much of the mod here, so please do ask questions about the mod, report bugs, and give ideas!


In this mod, you can't stay in the dark for too long or you will be damaged slowly. This will push you to find light sources

The torches for the dimension are replaced with sconces. You will need to kill Sun Charges to collect Sun Rods.

Sun Rods can be put into sconces to create light by right-clicking on an empty one.

The Sconce recipe is 3 sticks in the shape of a bucket but upside-down.    


My ultimate goal is to get feedback from you! I'm having trouble on what to add next...

I was thinking of adding a ton of new biomes, but I just can't think of a theme or color pallet.

I am also thinking of adding a ton of new mobs too. I just have no clue how to make them interesting.

I need ideas.


Also, almost all items and blocks are hand drawn :) 


Here is the forum






Since your mod was a .zip file, I modified the Ejjibin Plane into a large, amplified surface world. The sky is still black but the Enchanted Stone is as bright as Glowstone. It is really pretty.

Submitted by Baby Enderman on Tue, 12/22/2020 - 09:41 Permalink

the grass looks like aether grass