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This Dimensional Mod is in very early development! was created on Feb 7

The key is required to get to any dimension

Crafting Recipe for the Key Requires
One blaze rod in the middle
Netherite Block is the bottom left (for A0.1.4 and below)
Coal Block in the bottom left (for A0.1.5 and above)
Diamond Block in the top left
Gold Block in the bottom right
Emerald Block in the top right
Purpur on the top middle and bottom middle
Endstone on the left middle and right middle
This mod is only being updated on curseforge


Modification files
FokhsiMod Alpha 0.1.5.jar - FokhsiMod Alpha 0.1.5Uploaded on: 02/14/2024 - 04:17   File size: 487.05 KB
FokhsiMod Alpha 0.1.8.jar - FokhsiMod Alpha 0.1.8Uploaded on: 03/12/2024 - 23:55   File size: 558.54 KB

Added Coal Dimension