The Gelida (Legacy)

Published by MP1Player on Mon, 06/08/2020 - 02:08
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(Notice: This mod has been cancelled for all future development in favor of an entire remake / revamp / sequel to it that will come into creation once I learn more about MCreator and how to use it properly. However, even once the remake comes out, this version will continue staying up.)


Note: There will not be a 1.14.4 version. Only 1.15.2 and 1.16 whenever it releases.



Known Bugs:

- The frigid spiders and slimes have stupid range and can hit through walls

The Gelida is a mysterious dimension that used to be an alternate overworld, but was frozen over in the course of 10,000 years. Drastically changing everything about it.


The dimension itself has 5 biomes, 3 mobs, 3 ores, several different structures, an (almost) entire new wood type, 4 advancements, and a boss. More info can be found in the connected forum topic.  ( because the website for some reason wont let me link the forum in the specified box so ill put it in the description)

Modification files
thegelida_version2.jar - (1.15.2)2 MB

- Added frosted slimes to the Flake Gardens and Deserted Tundra. They are weird creatures that nobody seems to know about. They also make spider noises for some reason. What are these things?

- Improved the Frozen Grass, Dirt, Bricks, Planks, And Fragile Ice textures.

- Fixed something that I somehow forgot about: The dimension now actually goes dark during the night

Looks good, you could add a few more mobs (maybe some exclusive to some of the biomes) to make the dimension feel more unique :)