Aquatic Additions

Published by yakieyake on Tue, 01/09/2018 - 00:52
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New things to do with Prismarine! Also, a new biome, the Devoid Sea! 

The Devoid Sea features special Driftwood trees and both types of Guardians, you might even find a stray wolf! 

How to craft everything: (Spoilers if you want to figure out on your own)

Aquaskin - Smelt Prismarine Crystals

Prismarine-Coated Egg - Put an Egg in the middle and put Aquaskin all around it

Aquatic Armor - Put Aquaskin in typical armor fashion 

Spike - On the bottom middle put a Stick, then above it a Prismarine Shard, then above it a Gold Ingot

Spike Sword - On the bottom middle put a Stick then above it a Spike

Driftwood Plank - Put Driftwood in the middle of your crafting table




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Nice mod
It would be cool if you show the content added by the mod in a screenshot :)