Fred's Pack 3

Published by FredLeon on Thu, 07/02/2020 - 14:42
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What is Fred's pack 3?

Fred's pack 3 is the third mod in the fred's pack series(duh), It adds a lot of everything, this mod contains:


As of Update 1.1:

-464 mod elements

-113 blocks

-53 items

-1 Dimension

-4 armor kits + 7 armor pieces

-12 mobs (5 bosses)

-much more...

Overworld & Nether

The Overworld now features a new set, the SeaGear.

The ore for the set can be found on ocean floor.


The nether expands a bit upon the blaze, adding a new sword that can light enemies on fire and a chestplate that protects you from lava



The otherworld is a new dimension that features 4 new biomes.

Spooky Biome

A spooky biome, features deadwood forests and pumpkin fields.

Sometimes you may stumble upon some witch houses and Pumpkinkins.

New Spooky Forest

Electro Valley

The home of a colony of mechanical spider, defeat their boss to progress further in the mod.

Electric Valley

Crystal swamp

A biome featuring large crystal, amethyst and topaz spikes, Angelic Trees with clouds.

Fairies and Bell Walker live in this biome.

A giant Crystal golem resided deep underground

Crystal Swamp

Crimson realm

The hardest of the 4 biomes, it's the home of the Vampires, always be careful as they deal massive damage.

You may stumble upon the tower of the Vampire king, there awaits your final foe...

Crimson Desert

Each biome has its own blocks, mobs and items.

The Other world features 4 full sets, each stronger than diamond armor, they are necessary to beat enemies and strong bosses.

JEI is needed as there are many complex crafting recipes.

I'll leave you to discover the rest...

Edit: Thanks for MOTW


Modification files
Fred'sPack3 1.3unf_0.jar - Version 1.3(UNFINISHED)2.07 MB
Fred'sPack3 1.2.jar - Version 1.21.93 MB


-Fixed some major bugs


-Added a new boss to the Spooky Forest

-Added new weapons dropped from the new boss

1.2 - Runic Update

- Updated the Spooky Forest

-Removed the spooky plains

-Added the Runic Infuser, upgrade your weapons with the power of runes.

-1 new Mob 

1.1 - The Crystallisation Update

-Revamped the Crystal Swamp biome 

-Added 2 new Ores, Topaz and Amethyst

-Added 1 new Boss, the Crystal Golem

-Many new blocks, items, mobs and weapons...


-Everything Added

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :D
I also promoted some of your other mods in the posts, because they are just too great to be forgotten ;)

Your mod was also promoted on our official subreddit ( and Facebook page (

I don't usually give much attention to how long a mod has been published. If a mod feels like it would be a great addition and would fit well into Minecraft it's a candidate. Then I take a look at how finished it looks in-game, load a few "finalists" and take a look at them myself and then ask myself if I'd want to play survival with that mod installed. If it checks all the boxes, is original/well made etc. then a mod can be MOTW. Note that it's sometimes really hard to decide which mod to pick because mods are becoming more and more well made lately :D
Oh and perhaps a hint: If I comment on your mod Friday evening/Saturday morning (a few hours before MOTW is updated), it's likely that I really liked your mod and that you could be the next MOTW. Sometimes I even recommend what I'd add/change to help it stand out more amongst the others ;)