The Boy-Scouts Mod

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Well, since near 3 years this mod firstly stoped, and then I decided publish it on Curseforge. Now I want to upload it on both sites. The reasons are that I like the new design of the website, I like been more active here, and I like the efforts the creators of MCreator are making with it. Say welcome back to TheBoyScoutMod.

More than 3000 downloads on Curseforge!!


-Current Version: 4.0.2 for Minecraft 1.12.2

The information isn't updated with respect to new versions, it is based on the first version. For more info read the version changelog.


Bonfire that appear random in the world

Logs structure that can be found in the world

Vigilance tower that appear in the world

List of the items that add the version 1.0.0 of the mod:

Knife: Do not cut yourself!


Slice of Bread: 

Slice of bread

Cocoa Cream:

Cocoa Cream

Chocolate Sandwich:

Chocolate Sandwich

Backpack [WIP]: It's currently only an useless item.


Blowgun: His ammunition are darts.




Scout Shovel: It's the first scout tool of the mod. Soon there will be more.

Scout Shovel

Slingshot: His ammunition are pebbles.






 Other items:

Other items


* EN: If you record a review please pass me the link in the comments and we'll review it and even will put the link in the post. Thanks! : D

*This mod was made using MCreator mod maker. You can download this mod maker here.

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@#1 First of all thanks for comment;)
He had forgotten to put the list of items currently added. The just added below the current version, but I recommend trying the next versions will arrive shortly, as it is currently quite bugged. Thanks.

Now the mod work best, and I will try to add more thinks ;)