Sky Mod (indev)

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This mod encourages you to explore 2 new dimensions! The Sky and the Upper Sky Dimension (Has nothing yet, not worth visiting)!

-Overworld Cloud blocks are now into the mod! When broken, they give the player 2 cloud particles

-Cloud particles are used to craft cloud shards (put 9 of them in a grafting table to get the shards)

-Cloud shards are used for crafting the sky portal igniter (use 5 cloud shards in a crafting table)

-In this new Sky dimension, 2 new ores exist: The Ucon and the Urukium ore!

-Ucon ore drops ucon shards, which can make Ucon blocks! (Used as Upper Sky Portal Frames)

-Urukium ore must be melted into ingots and is used to craft the Upper Sky Igniter (Use 5 urukium blocks and 4 urukium ingots)

-You can also make an Urukium Staff with 1 Urukium Block and 4 Urukium ingots (durable and strong against enemies)

-Ucon Blade (as strong as iron, but more durable)

-Cloudian Knight

-Cloudian Citizen


-Ucon Armor

-Urukium Armor





In time, we will make it better!


New features added, if requested!


Please, if you enjoy this mod, suggest things that you want us to add in future versions. That would be deeply appreciated!


Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Sky Mod_(Version indev0.2.0).jar - Latest Version228.04 KB
Sky Mod_(Version indev0.0.0).jar - Oldest Version (Has the fewest features obviously)51.81 KB

Version indev0.2.0

-Added Storm Block and charged storm block (works as light source) and bricks

-Added Storm cloud structrures

-Added Cloudian Citizen, Cloudian Knight and Stormian

-Added Cloud Bricks

-Added Ucon Blade

-Added Ucon and Urukium Armor

-Added new Sky Farlands Biome

-Some of the textures were improved


Version indev0.1.0

-Added Overworld Cloud Blocks

-Added Ucon Ore, Shard and block

-Added Urukium Ore, ingot and block

-Added Upper Sky Cloud Block

-Added Upper Sky Cloud Portal Igniter (crafted out of 5 Urukium Blocks and 4 Urukium Ingots

-Changed the texture of the Sky Portal (obviously)


Version indev0.0.0

-Added Cloud Blocks

-Added Sky Portal Igniter (crafted out of 5 cloud shards, used random texture back then)