Lifeless ALPHA (Need name suggestions)

Published by supermj767 on Sat, 05/23/2020 - 04:14
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                                    Lifeless (needs new name)

Hello, I am supermj767 and I have been working on this mod all year long and i'd like to present Lifeless! well that's not what i'm going to call it, you see i need a name for it but first i want you to understand what kind of mod this is, this mod is about adding hundreds upon hundreds of mod elements to minecraft without changing the gameplay of actual minecraft itself and to do that i am going to make a book that allows you to travel to two maybe three different dimensions with different themes and gameplay, right now i have only one of those dimensions, L1F3L355 my next dimension (Still debating about the name) Lesteria, no spoilers about that dimension, but for now i introduce Lifeless Alpha!


L1F3L355 For Now Alpha needs a new name, cause it does not have a name, read the sentence above then comment HERE for suggestions for a new name!


Welcome to ______ a mod about exploring new worlds!

To start out: Start a survival world craft one Dirt into a L1F3L355 Transport when you have this you just right click with it and you are in L1F3L355! a dimension full of terror's and adventure, next you're going to want to find a L1F3L355 Plant which looks sorta like multiple gray chests right next to each other, once you find it break it then craft the L1F3L355 Fruit into a L1F3L355 Root, but your going to need two of these to craft a crafting table, when you have the Roots just punch a tree craft the logs into planks then make a crafting table with both the Roots and the planks in a cross pattern in your inventory then boom you have a crafting table,

I suggest using JEI or NEI or whatever you would like to find all recipes (There are alot of them)


About L1F3L355: a dark dimension filled with dangers, and it’s your goal to spread life and light across the Lifeless terrain, watch out for rain, it is deadly and the only defence it to take cover or to wear a L1F3L355 Helmet *More Information Coming Soon*



Everything in the mod so far:


Mobs : 


L1F3L355 Cow : Can be milked using a L1F3L355 Bucket and drops meat


L1F3L355 Pig : Drops meat


L1F3L355 Worm : Who doesn't like worms? you can get L1F3L355 Slime from them


L1F3L355 Shark : A bit buggy, it's a work in progress


L1F3L355 Ant : Basically the same as a spider and it’s very useful for resources


L1F3L355 Zombie : A Zombie without life, very aggressive


Slith : i will have a use for this monster in another update


L1F3L355 Ghast : this ghast lost its life and drops helpful materials when killed


Tool Sets : (Includes Sword, Pickaxe, Axe, Shovel, Hoe.)


L1F3L355 Wood : Almost good


L1F3L355 Stone : Nice


L1F3L355 Metal : The best


Dark L1F3L355 Wood : Really bad


Blue Gemstone : The worst


Light L1F3L355 Wood : Good


Lavastone : Wow good, iz speed


Yellow Gem : Great (Similar to Iron)


Armor Sets : (Includes Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots.)


L1F3L355 Metal : The best armor in L1F3L355, The helmet can protect against L1F3L355 rain


Yellow Gem : Pretty good reliable armor




L1F3L355 Revolver : A strong ranged weapon that uses L1F3L355 Bullets as ammo


L1F3L355 Shears : Used to break various plant like blocks


L1F3L355 Bucket : Milk some L1F3L355 Cows


L1F3L355 Fruit On A Stick : This is going to have a use in a later version


Blow Gun : Ha-Thoop! Requires Blow Darts as ammo


L1F3L355 Spear : Thrown weapon


Throwable Sticky Bomb : Throw this and it takes 10 seconds to blow up, RUN!


Bright Torch : Great “Bright” torch


L1F3L355 Wallet : Inventoried item


L1F3L355 Transport : Used to teleport to L1F3L355


Respawn point : gives it to you when you spawn in to L1F3L355, used to set your spawn point


Overworld Transport : This will probably get removed in later versions and replaced with some sort of transport book


Items :


Bright Rock : Can be thrown


Bright Bluestone : Strengthened Crystal


L1F3L355 Star : Used to craft a beacon


Blow Dart : Used as ammo for a Blow Gun


Long L1F3L355 Stick : Used for various crafting recipes


Small L1F3L355 Stick : Used for some crafting recipes


Bright : Right click on this to get Bright Gel


Bright Gel : Craft Bright Torches with this


Yellow Gem : Used to make all of the Yellow Gem tools and armor


L1F3L355 Corn Seeds : Use on L1F3L355 farmland to grow some L1F3L355 Corn


Metal Band : Used in some crafting recipes (One right now, more coming in other versions)


L1F3L355 Animal Hide : Used to make some useful things


L1F3L355 Corn : Really good food item


L1F3L355 Cow Milk : Drink this to clear all effects


L1F3L355 Raw Light Meat : Raw Food Item


L1F3L355 Cooked Light Meat : Cooked Food Item


L1F3L355 Raw Meat : Raw Food Item


L1F3L355 Cooked Meat : Cooked Food Item


L1F3L355 Slime : Used in some crafting recipes


L1F3L355 Bullet : Used as ammo for L1F3L355 Revolver


L1F3L355 Fruit : Makes you float when you eat it


L1F3L355 Root : Use this to make a Crafting Table


L1F3L355 Ingot : Used to make all L1F3L355 Metal armor and tools and other helpful things


L1F3L355 Coal : Burn this in a furnace


Lava Stone : Used in multiple op different recipes to make various different things


Blue Gemstone : Used to make some tools and other things


Blue Gemstone Shard : Used to make Blue Gemstone


Twisted L1F3L355 Bone : Used to craft Sharp Stone


Sharp Stone : Used to craft various weapon ammo


Explosive L1F3L355 Powder : Used to make some helpful things


L1F3L355 Spider String : Why does this come from ants?


Rock : Can be thrown


L1F3L355 Feather : Used to make some good stuff


L1F3L355 Arrow : Used as ammo for the L1F3L355 Bow


Blood Drop : Does not have a use yet


Blocks : all of the blocks in L1F3L355 so far


L1F3L355 Ground


L1F3L355 Glass


L1F3L355 Stone


L1F3L355 Log


L1F3L355 Wood Planks


L1F3L355 Ore


Block of L1F3L355


L1F3L355 Coal Ore


L1F3L355 Barrel


L1F3L355 Leaves


Dark L1F3L355 Log


Dark L1F3L355 Wood Planks


Light L1F3L355 Stone


Dark L1F3L355 Stone


L1F3L355 Sand


Spike Stone


Light L1F3L355 Log


Light L1F3L355 Wood Planks


Lava Stone Ore


Ancient L1F3L355 Fossil


Blue Gemstone Block


L1F3L355 Wood Stairs


L1F3L355 Wood Slab


L1F3L355 Wood Fence


Dark L1F3L355 Wood Stairs


Dark L1F3L355 Wood Slab


Dark L1F3L355 Wood Fence


Light L1F3L355 Wood Stairs


Light L1F3L355 Wood Slab


Light L1F3L355 Wood Fence




Compact Spikestone


Spike Trap : When an entity walks on this it spikes it


L1F3L355 Redstone Ore


Bright Bluestone Block


L1F3L355 Ladder


L1F3L355 Wood Trapdoor


Light L1F3L355 Wood Trapdoor


Dark L1F3L355 Wood Trapdoor


Yellow Gem Ore


Yellow Gem Block


L1F3L355 Stone Stairs


Plants : some plant stuff


Dead Leaves


L1F3L355 Plant : Very helpful for getting a crafting table


L1F3L355 Petals


Spider Plant : Holds Blue Gemstone shards


Bright Plant : helpful for making Bright Torches


Project status
Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
L1F3L355 For Now v1.0.0 Alpha.jar - L1F3L355 For Now v1.0.0 Alpha1.44 MB

Lifeless Is in alpha, Report all bugs here

Great loking mod. Lifeless does sound like a good game in my opinion.