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This mod encourages you to explore 2 new dimensions! The Sky and the Upper Sky Dimension (Has nothing yet, not worth visiting)!

-Overworld Cloud blocks are now into the mod! When broken, they give the player 2 cloud particles

-Cloud particles are used to craft cloud shards (put 9 of them in a grafting table to get the shards)

-Cloud shards are used for crafting the sky portal igniter (use 5 cloud shards in a crafting table)

-In this new Sky dimension, 2 new ores exist: The Ucon and the Urukium ore!

-Ucon ore drops ucon shards, which can make Ucon blocks! (Used as Upper Sky Portal Frames)

-Urukium ore must be melted into ingots and is used to craft the Upper Sky Igniter (Use 5 urukium blocks and 4 urukium ingots)

-You can also make an Urukium Staff with 1 Urukium Block and 4 Urukium ingots (durable and strong against enemies)

-Ucon Blade (as strong as iron, but more durable)

-Cloudian Knight

-Cloudian Citizen


-Ucon Armor

-Urukium Armor





In time, we will make it better!


New features added, if requested


I hope you enjoy this tiny mod!


Release type
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version

Version indev0.2.0

-Added Storm Block and charged storm block (works as light source) and bricks

-Added Storm cloud structrures

-Added Cloudian Citizen, Cloudian Knight and Stormian

-Added Cloud Bricks

-Added Ucon Blade

-Added Ucon and Urukium Armor

-Added new Sky Farlands Biome

-Some of the textures were improved


Version indev0.1.0

-Added Overworld Cloud Blocks

-Added Ucon Ore, Shard and block

-Added Urukium Ore, ingot and block

-Added Upper Sky Cloud Block

-Added Upper Sky Cloud Portal Igniter (crafted out of 5 Urukium Blocks and 4 Urukium Ingots

-Changed the texture of the Sky Portal (obviously)


Version indev0.0.0

-Added Cloud Blocks

-Added Sky Portal Igniter (crafted out of 5 cloud shards, used random texture back then)

Nice mod, but you should improve the textures