Dimensional Additions

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Adds several new items and blocks
- Endurium Ore : An ore found in the end.
     - Endurium : One of the strongest materials in the end. It loses its' properties when made into tools, however.
           -Endurium Armor : The strongest armor in the end.
- Smooth End Stone : It's exactly what it sounds like.
-Transmutator (WIP) : With the transmutator, you can combine two items together, and create another item with the same properties. (You will need a source of teleportation power, such as Chorus Fruits however.)

Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type
In development

1.0.1 :

  • Fixed a bug that caused most of the items to either be textureless or missing entirely.

1.0.0 :

  • Mod Created (Waddup)
  • Added Endurium, and its' respective block and armor
  • Added Smooth End Stone
  • Added the Transmutator, which is made with 3 Smooth End Stone, 5 Endurium, and 1 Ender Pearl
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Nice mod :)
Can you add some screenshots of your mod?