Creation's Better Biomes

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This mod is aimed to add new features that I've thought of. I will add a few suggestions here and there, but for the most part, ill be coming up with all the ideas on my own.

This mod is also VERY incomplete, and I just wanted to show you wonderful people a sneak peak of what this mod could end up being!



 Frozen Desert - A very blue, and cold desert

 Void Rift - A dark, distorted looking biome

 Marine Plains - A moist area that is not very special

 Mystic Forest - A very magical forest for you to explore!

 Enchanted Forest - A glowing, magical forest filled with magical creatures (Vex's)

 Bloody Mountians - A very red biome that is also very tall

 DEPTHS - A very boring, dangerous biome. I do not suggest entering a biome filled with mossy cobblestone because its name is the DEPTHS



 Mummy - Desert

 Frozen Mummy - Frozen Desert/Cold Biomes

 Stone Mummy - Rocky Biomes

 Golden Mummy - Spawned via the Golden Relic

 DEPTH Mummy - DEPTHS. This mob is VERY strong, and bulky, so i do not suggest approaching it AT ALL!


More content coming soon!

Modification files
CBB 1.12.2.jar - CBB 1.0.0 Release (Old)262.67 KB
CBB 1.1.3.jar - CBB 1.1.3 Release301.84 KB

A great start! I have a suggestion. Suppose you make a biome like a huge forest. There could be a Sasquatch monster that will deal lots of damage, and you can tame him with peanut butter jelly sandwiches!

Not a bad idea in any means! Any other biome suggestions? The only biome i could come up with in an hour of thinking was the frozen desert. I was thinking about adding a volcanic biome which would basically be a biome that was created after a volcano erupted and turned the whole land to ashes. Also, if you find a void rift biome (The only other biome i added) can you take a overview screenshot and send it to me somehow?