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Published by Delofon on Mon, 07/16/2018 - 20:14
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Living in this world is nice, isn't it? Even the trap in the Desert Temple or Guardians in Ocean Monument, villages with villagers and bats that rage you.

Everything is nice, isn't it? Until you find that time and space wrap, which spawned Raw Biomes, the first ever biomes in this world that with time got populated with sand and cactuses, with grass and trees and produced the world you see. That makes it to corrupt, but that old biomes are just... beautiful? But a nice old can open a door to an awful new. With that wrap, our world was Imborium cursed... Oh, you didn't understand? They're just bad space aliens, you know... And now, you need everything that you can do to cure the wrap and stop the Imborium.

This mod currently features:

  • Raw Ore - contains a matter of old times
  • Raw Biomes
  • Oldcraft tools
  • Convertotron! Convert the things!
  • Imborium - the invaders
    • Imborium Ore - a clue to the curse
    • Imborium Gem - Gem of the aliens
    • Imborium Curse Biome - invaders came right here!
    • Imborium Cursed World - a long time ago, that was a beautiful lapis world, but before Imborium came.
    • Imborium Aliens\Mobs (most of them are found in the Imborium Homeworld) - the invaders, unless you're talking Imborium Villagers and Cows
    • Imborium Homeworld - the homeworld of invaders
  • Anborium - another aliens, but friendly - they tried to fight against Imborium
    • Anborium Gem - Gem of the Anborium
    • Anborium Plant - most favourite Anborium's plant
    • Anborium Homeworld - Homeworld of the kindness itself - however, it was crushed by Imborium.
    • Anborium, mob - the only remanent of Anborium Kind.

Feel free to visit Delofon's Mods Discussion. Post any suggestion, review or bug report there.



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Modification files
Oldcraft-1.12.2-early0.3.0.jar - Oldcraft - Early Stage of Development - v0.3.0 - For Minecraft v1.12.2513.5 KB
Oldcraft-1.12.2-early0.3.1.1.jar - Oldcraft - Early Stage of Development - v0.3.1.1 - For Minecraft v1.12.2538.6 KB
Oldcraft-1.12.2-early0.4.0.jar - Oldcraft - Early Stage of Development - v0.4.0 - For Minecraft v1.12.2678.8 KB
Oldcraft-1.12.2-early0.4.0.1.jar - Oldcraft - Early Stage of Development - v0.4.0.1 - For Minecraft v1.12.2721.85 KB

Versions early0.1.0 and early0.2.0 are not available, because these are dev versions.

Version early0.3.0 - First Playable Version
Version early0.3.1 - A little bugfix
  • Fixed Imborium Magician and King Models - now they can rotate their arms, legs and head.

Version early0.3.1.1 - A tinier bugfix

  • For some reason, Imborium King spawning ratio was too big...

Version early0.4.0 - A harder way up but Anborium!
  • Made a harder way to get items
  • More Anborium related stuff (including Anborium Homeworld Dimension)
  • Structures!
  • Imborium Cow drops (Imborium Beef)
  • Imborium Curse Spread! Be careful, as it can corrupt your home and your world.

Version early0.4.0.1 - A tiny patch
  • Removed Imborium Leather
  • "Housy" like structures in Homeworlds

(Coming Soon) Version prealpha0.6.0 - Slaves and "Alpha" development state
  • Better Imborium Growery
  • Better Imborium Curse Spread
  • Imborium Generator - these structures generate energy for all the buildings
  • Imborium Power Transmitter - transmits energy from Imborium Generators
  • Imborium Slaves - the only remains of worlds conquered by Imborium that forced to obey the conquerers
  • Rebels - the problem with slaves and Imborium Villagers that Imborium has. They would like to help you.
  • Imborium Villagers Towns! But, are they now Imborium Towners?
  • Imborium Traders! If usual Imborium Villagers can just tell you something, those will trade with you!
  • The great return of Imborium Leather, the one that was removed in early0.4.0.1. Now it is used in trading.
  • More items (some of those you can get by trading)
  • Achievements
  • And the best thing - because of such number of things released and a little bit "playable" state of the mod it is now getting to be "Alpha"!

(Coming after prealpha0.6.0) Version alpha0.6.1 - No Oldcraft things anymore
  • Removed Oldcraft Essence, tools and armor

(Coming after alpha0.6.1) Version alpha0.7.0 - Anborium Empire and the Raw World
  • Anborium isn't that boring anymore - now there's more stuff! (Anborium is still squashed by Imborium)
  • Since there are worlds with Anborium and Imborium and worlds with others that being conquered by Imborium there must be unpopulated worlds. Unhabitable. Introducing - Raw World! Anyway useless... or not?
  • Since the Raw World is unhabitable and that means the atmosphere is unbreathable, uh, where do you get oxygen? Now you have Oxygen Mask and Oxygen Tanks.
  • Terraforming. Because always having Oxygen Tanks in your inventory at your base isn't good.
  • Better models for mobs


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This mod looks really cool, this imborium looks like my Cretian from the Goldiamond universe, good work man, good work...

I saw the image with the mobs
i was wrong when I said that this mod looks nice, because it's awesome! Good job :)

Hello , how did you get models of barriers, some blocks or mobs. Your creation?

Well yeah, every modded mob\block\item in this mod is my creation. But, barriers? You about the images with the mobs? No, i just used this little Minecraft command - summon <mob> x y z {NoAI:1b}