Frost Revolt

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Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
Custom license
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Seems like with New Year coming something else..

This is my first mod. Frost Revolt adds only Eternal Frost dimension with many dangerous mobs and one boss - The Krampus.
It will be almost impossible to fight with most of these new mobs without suitable equipment. The whole dimension fits the late game.


  •  Eternal Frost dimension
  •  Weapons and armor
  •  Blocks
  •  Food
  •  More mobs
  •  The Krampus as the new boss

Eternal Frost dimension:

   Dangerous and dark place teeming with enemies. To get here you need deep freeze portal frame and frozen staff.

To get deep freeze block you need to go to deep frozen ocean or craft it from 9 blue ice blocks.
Frozen staff also requires 2 deep freeze blocks and 1 nether star.

  To summon Krampus you need to be in Eternal Frost dimension (also if you have advancement "Free The World" you won't be able to summon Krampus again.)
To make it work you need blood bottle (craft 1 syringe and hit random passive mob), 1 raw mutton, dagger, book of The Curses and book of The Myths (you need to get cursed/ mysterious notes killing frost mobs.) and then you'll be able to summon The Krampus.

The Krampus:
  Firstly he'll spawn Frost Mage and Frost Guardian. If you'll be killing them too long The Krampus will get tired of it and he will decide to deal with you himself.
He has quite a lot of attack like summon, light/ice attacks, frost jump, blizzard fall (At phase 2 he just makes them more faster.).
If you'll kill him you'll get his mask.

Modification files
FrostRevolt 1.2.1.jar - Latest (Fix)12.26 MB
FrostRevolt 1.2.0.jar - Latest12.26 MB
FrostRevolt 1.1.2.jar - Old10.21 MB
FrostRevolt 1.0.0.jar - Old10.19 MB

  Added abyssal block
  Changed Icebreaker recipe
  Fixed deep freeze (mob) model
  Fixed mandarine juice bottle name
  Fixed The Krampus transition from phase 1 to phase 1.5
  Nerfed The Krampus phase 1 and 2

  Fixed Mandarine tree spawn

  Fixed The Krampus transition from phase 1 to phase 1.5 (again)
  Fixed receiving "Free The World" advancement
  Fixed  receiving "The Fight for Everything" advancement
  Fixed mythical blade X2 dmg
  Fixed Enchanted mythical apple name
  Fixed The Krampus summon
  Fixed vortex spawn
  Fixed vortex particles
  Fixed Mandarine tree spawn (again)
  Nerfed vortex hitbox
  Changed The Krampus phase 1.5 and death words

  Fixed receiving "Embrace me with myths" advancement