Expanded Structures 2

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NOTICE: I'm actually not very happy with this mod, so I probably won't update it anymore. I'd suggest looking at the first mod as I'm quite proud of that one!


This is the first installment with the bare bones of it. This has only the following:

New Overworld Structures:

The Vault

This is a semi-common structure in which you take down the Zombie King and his henchmen of living gold to acquire his resources!

Tree of Life

This is a semi-common structure only found in the Grove biome, it is a passive structure.

Hippie Commune:

This is an uncommon structure in which you meet some unusual hippies. This structure is passive.

New Biomes:

The Grove

New Mobs:

Zombie King

Living Gold (agressive)

Living Gold (passive)




Grove Guardian




Final note: I really suggest Not Enough Items for this mod as there is a lot of crafting.


Show me what you've done with the mod on Twitter: @CryingCloudMC

Share bugs and feedback on our website here. 


Modification files
ES2_Version_0.0.3_0.jar - First Beta (Re-release)976.51 KB
  • Removed Master Witch as well as associated items and structure.
  • Removed Gangy Member.
  • Added Vault Structure.
  • Added Zombie King.
  • Added Living Gold (enemy).
  • Added Living Gold (friendly).
  • Added Living Gold (item).
  • Added ability to use Hellstone as a fuel source.
  • Added King's Crown trophy and achievement.