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*A wonderful update for minecraft, which will improve it very well! Biomes here will be updated: Swamp, Badlands, Desert and Savanna!*

Hooray! The new Perfect Snapshot 20 is here, friends! Here and optimization, and new cool features, and a really good atmosphere.

THE MOD WILL BE RELEASED FOR VERSIONS 1.16.5, 1.18.x, 1.19.x and newer!

Friends, now snapshots are released according to a certain schedule! Don't miss my dudes) Why? Because we want to spend a little more time developing and optimizing. I promise that the next snapshot will be richer than the previous one) Therefore, NOW THE SNAPSHOTS WILL BE RELEASED ON THE WEEKEND! That is, it can be Saturday or Sunday. Approximate time:

Snapshot Time

We have finally updated the panorama in the main menu, but if this does not work for you, you have to do a number of EASY STEPS:
1) In the main menu go to "Options", then "Resource Packs..."
2) And in the right column, raise to the top "Mod Resources"
3) Click "Done" and everything works!

Thank you wattles for putting my mod in your video:  WATCH NOW

If you want to support me, then here is my nickname on Patreon: Magaximemum



In turn, point out flaws and offer your ideas (on textures, mechanics and functions). Your opinion is very important to us. We warn you that everything shown in the pictures can be changed or completely revised.

Friends, if you find a bug or flaw in the mod (and also if you have any suggestions for the mod), you can follow the link to the bug tracker: LINK

Modification files
Biome_Update_Snapshot20_0.jar - Biome Update / Snapshot 20.0.0 (Newest version for 1.18.2)Uploaded on: 09/25/2022 - 16:38   File size: 9.68 MB
Biome_Update_Snapshot17for1.16.5.jar - Biome Update / Snapshot 17.0.0 (Newest version for 1.16.5)Uploaded on: 07/19/2022 - 11:54   File size: 12.93 MB
Biome_Update_Snapshot18.jar - Biome Update / Snapshot 18.0.0Uploaded on: 07/24/2022 - 19:26   File size: 9.51 MB
Biome_Update_Snapshot19.jar - Biome Update / Snapshot 19.0.0Uploaded on: 08/13/2022 - 18:47   File size: 9.67 MB



  • Baobab textures changed (slightly)


  • Changed the texture of the palm bark, boats item
  • Some palm stuff redesigned


  • New Elephant Grass Mechanics:

1) Now you can "disappear in the grass"

2) To disappear, go into the grass (above 2 blocks) or (1 block ONLY ON SHIFT)

3) You will also get a blindness effect that makes you not sit in the grass for a long time


  • Removed blocks of enchanting dye, for the sake of new mechanics
  • Now you can recolor any blocks of wool, glass, glass panels, candles, banners, etc.
  • In order to recolor something, put it on a workbench (mesmerizing dye + the desired block of any color + the desired color = get a block of the desired color)


  • Now we decided to seriously improve the optimization and we succeeded! We have compressed all multi-size files while adding new content.
  • Work has begun on the transition to 1.19
  • Lately, we've been trying to put a lot of focus on optimization, so future snapshots will have more content and a smaller size (we know it sounds fantastic, but it's a fact), allowing you to enjoy playing with it!

*Suggest your ideas for improving textures, mechanics, functions and, in principle, for the development of the mod. The developers will be sincerely grateful to you!)

Developer Discord: Magaximemum#8744



The first image should have all of the things the mod add. Mangroves: The particles effect are nice. The gray sky can get boring. The mangrove trees that generate on a river have a grass ring around them. Ocean ruins also generate. The mangrove textures are too dark, but they're cool. The mud should be changed so it hurts you when you're inside of it and it emptying your hunger bar should be changed to the hunger effect. The texture is also too dark. The animation on the mud bucket was nice. When the player is on the expanded portion of the mud, it attracts them to the mud. The mud block and bricks were nice. Palms: The log and wood aretoo green. How about if you all add coconuts that grow out of palm trees? Floral Cactus: It's really beautiful. On the top of the catcus the epiphyllum flower is out of center. Baobab: I find it funny that it's MASSIVE. The textures for the Baobab blocks are all good. As more snapshots release, this mod will be awesome.

Hey! Sorry I didn't notice your question right away. The answer is: To prevent trees from floating, you should put a block under them (any solid, for example, dirt) and in the structure settings, shift the structure by "y= -1". If you are making custom trees using the customization in the biome creation, then you should contact the forum with this problem! Thanks for the question, I hope I helped you a little)

Can you help me, I am a biome-focused mod maker, while I have only one mod released and 2 others in development, they are all biome-specific mods like hot, snow, swampy, etc. biomes. question is, how to do seplings?

Hey! I do not fully understand what your question is, but I will try to answer it. If you mean "stratification" of biomes, then functions can help you. And if the question was about "saplings", then you should create a plant / block, then give it growth with the help of bars and with the help of procedures make it generate trees from bone meal. I hope I helped in some way :)