Jcraft Alpha

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Jcraft is just a little mod. Here's a list of features:

Shadow Realm

Dressers (no function)

Book blocks

Corrupted Blocks

Void Ore

Void Essence (Portal Lighter)

Dresser Droors



How to build a portal:

Shadow portals are made with Stone. Lit by Void Essence.


Crafting recipes:

Book Blocks are crafted by filling the crafting table with Books.

Dressers are crafted using 3 dresser droors in a vertical line and then filling the rest with oak wood.

Dresser droors are crafted with one gold nugget with wood on both sides of it.

Noodles are crafted with a bowl, with an egg, wheat, and water bucket above it. They give you the bowl back after being eaten.

Modification files
JCraft 1.0.1 alpha.jar - Jcraft Alpha for 1.12.2 (version 1.0.1). Sorry that I wasn't able to give you guys the older version (1.0.0).109.67 KB

Alpha 1.0.1: Fixed orientation for Dressers and added Noodles.