The Amplex

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Welcome to the Amplex!

So what is the Amplex?

It is well-known that the Overworld is one of many dimensions which form our existence. The Amplex is simply an adjacent dimension which has its own flora, topography, and laws of nature. 

Okay, how do I get there?

You'll have to make a machine called the Amplifier. This machine, when right clicked, takes your to the Amplex. But watch out: If you say anything in the Amplex, it will take you right back home! Be careful not to accidentally speak (although commands work just fine).

Sweet! What's the gameplay loop like?

There are many things to do. Start by mining for Ampite in the Overworld. It's rare, but you won't need a lot. Create the Amplifier Crown and Amplifier using Desaturated Wood Planks, and place the Crown on top of the Amplifier. When you get to the Amplex by right-clicking the Amplifier, fall the branchlike native fauna for Amprods, and combine them with Ampite to make Ampen Tools. There aren't just the normal five tools– There are also two special tools you can craft. Be sure to also use the many decorative blocks to add some Ampen Aesthetic™ to your home.

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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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theamplex_1_0_115_0.jar - This mod is for version 1.15.2. I hope you enjoy it!207.21 KB

1.0 – Release.

maybe add some mobs? the dim is kinda lonely... unless thats the point

I love the idea of dimension!
A lonely place where even a little noise will teleport you back!
I just feel its too empty...
Its quite easy to get to it and there is no gameplay. I'm not saying that you should make mobs be there and things like that. Mybe add new ore, some new mechanic (New biomes?) ? There is no reason to even go to amplex, there is no gameplay. But that is maybe a point? IDK.
Anyway I liked it! 💪💪💪