Caverns Crafts

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Hello Again Do You Like Caves Like Me ? Do You Think To Update It Because The Caves Is Boring ? ___{Yes}

Okay Now I Made A New Mod It's Name Is : Caverns Crafts And The Mod To Update The Caves And The Mod Add To Minecraft :

Items : Stone Stick,Iron Stick,Ultra Mass Crystal,Nature Crystal Shard,Frozen Crystal Shard,Molten Crystal Shard,Magical Crystal Shard,Nature Stone Neon,Frozen Stone ManaSteal,Molten Stone Ruby,Magical Stone Sapphire & One Light Helmet If You Wear It The Helmet Will Give You A Night Vision {Like The Construction workers}

Blocks : 

Cubes :Nature Stone,Frozen Stone,Molten Stone,Magical Stone,Nature Cobblestone,Frozen Cobblestone,Molten Cobblestone,Magical Cobblestone,Nature Crystal Block,Frozen Crystal Block,Molten Crystal Block,Magical Crystal Block,Ultra Mass Crystal Block\Ores :Nature Neon Ore,Frozen ManaSteal Ore,Molten Ruby Ore,Magical Sapphire Ore,Super Block

Decorate :Nature Stone Stairs,Frozen Stone Stairs,Molten Stone Stairs,Magical Stone Stairs,Nature Stone Wall,Frozen Stone Wall,Molten Stone Wall,Magical Stone Wall,Nature Stone Fence,Frozen Stone Fence,Molten Stone Fence,Magical Stone Fence,Nature Cobblestone Stairs,Frozen Cobblestone Stairs,Molten Cobblestone Stairs,Magical Cobblestone Stairs,Nature Cobblestone Wall,Frozen Cobblestone Wall, Molten Cobblestone Wall,Magical Cobblestone Wall,Nature Cobblestone Fence,Frozen Cobblestone Fence,Molten Cobblestone Fence,Magical Cobblestone Fence

Biomes : Nature Stone Hill : Nature Stone Nature Stone Neon Ore,Frozen Stone Hill : Frozen Stone Frozen Stone ManaSteal Ore,Molten Stone Hill : Molten Stone Molten Stone Ruby Ore,Magical Stone Hill : Magical Stone Magical Stone Sapphire Ore,Crystal Cave : Normal Stone & Crystal Blocks

Dimensions :

Caverns Caves In It Biomes : Nature Stone Hill,Frozen Stone Hill,Molten Stone Hill,Magical Stone Hill,Crystal Cave Fluids : Magma Lava And A More 48 Recipes { Thanks For Reading[Please Download]}

New :

Structures : Chest Tower,Monsters Tower,Monsters House,Tower Of Looter,Loot Room,My skin,Stone Plate Room

Modification files
Caverens Crafts Jars.jar - Download Caverns Crafts {Please}2.98 MB
Caverns Craft Best.jar - Caverns Crafts After Update3.45 MB

Nice mod :)
Some of your textures are way too detailed for Minecraft though...
I'd recommend keeping them all to 16x16.

Very nice mod ! :D I suggest you to remove some detals on your textures, and submit your mod for the MOTW. It have a great potential.

I Well Add A New Goodness And Dangerous Mod About Really Things Weapons Armor TNT Super Matters Fuels Darkness.
I Its Name Is {The Dynamic Death War}