A Little Bit Too Easy Mod (ALBTEM)

Published by DustyFloof on Mon, 05/15/2017 - 15:27
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A Little Bit Too Easy Mod (ALBTEM) - A more fun way to cheat :)

Travel to new dimensions filled with riches without much effort at all. Of course you would first have to know how to make the portal keys though :). (Use the material of which the desired realm is made and place it on top of a sponge)

- For more details, screenshots, and the actual crafting recipes visit the website here. Crafting Recipes can be found under the Resources/ Help section.

Note: This mod is really just for fun and is not intended to be something serious or big. Just have a play around with it :)

I am sorry about the fact that each 'Edition' is a seperate file. Originally I wanted to make a pack where you would download a folder and then be able to choose which one you would want. Because of this they were made in different workspaces. I really do apologize about any inconvenience caused. If you guys would prefer the coal one over a certain other one I can take down one of the other files.

If there is any way to merge the files into one could someone please write a comment about it so that I may do so. Thanks in advance :)

The mod is just something to play around with, hope you have fun :)

Modification files
albtemdiamond_edition.jar - {Diamond Edition}43.87 KB
albtem_emerald_edition.jar - {Emerald Edition}45.16 KB
albtem_gold_edition.jar - {Gold Edition}43.6 KB
albtem_iron_edition.jar - {Iron Edition}43.49 KB