Japancraft Mod

Published by Beldrox on Tue, 06/12/2018 - 15:07
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                                  Japancraft Mod Alpha 0.1


                                                                           It‛s finally out my first published mod on Mcreator‛s site.

             With this mod you can bring into your Minecraft world the Japanese culture. Every week an update will be posted with new features.


                                             Remember! This is only an alpha version, so its possible that there are some bugs!




                            Check here all updates and an explaination for each element of the mod.

Modification files
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//// Japancraft 0.1 /////


//The Begin Update//


+ Added Sakura Log

+ Added Sakura Leaves

+ Added Sakura Planks

+ Added Sakura Saplings

+ Added Makisu

+ Added Dryer

+ Added Nori Plant

+ Added Sakura Biome

+ Added Nori Leaf

+ Added Nori Sheet

+ Added Cherry

+ Added Shinto Shrine and Sakura Tree Structures generation

+ Implemented Sakura Tree grow up system

+ Implemented Drying processing system

+ Added custom Creative Tab

Heyy! I was ones working on a Minecraft mod about Japanese Myth and Culture ^^ I have some yokai models and a lot of block and items. If you are interested in using some of my textures you can message me on Minecraftforum. My username is Brade1210 ^^