Eternal Tales

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Minecraft Forge mod
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!!! New version of the mod will not be posted on the MCreator website because i can't upload mods more than 20 MB !!!
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Eternal Tales added to game more new dimensions, bosses and weapons. And everything of this have a lore! 

Now the mod have over 4100 mod elements: 958 blocks, 233 items, 34 sets of armor, 1 separate helmet and 14 clothes sets, 86 weapons, 17 sets of tools, 71 food, 124 mobs, 12 bosses and 4 minibosses, 6 new dimensions, 11 music discs.

Developer - Unknown Raccoon (
Sounds author - AKAKA

Comets DimensionPurgatorium DimensionGardens of Eden Dimension


Brief description of the passing mod:
First you need to mine a ruby with a diamond pickaxe and make a ruby pickaxe. This pickaxe already produce cobalt and make a cobalt pickaxe.
After that, look on the plains or in the forest for a special dungeon that looks like a huge fortress. This is a maze of Vivid.
It has to be passed and on the top floor you will find the statue of Vivid. It is destroyed only by a cobalt pickaxe and at the same time calls the boss - Vivid.
After the murder of Vivid, go to Nether, having improved your cobalt pickaxe with a drop of Vivid.
In Nether you need to get some materials from new mobs - a damaged infected crystal, Destroyer's eye, bone shard and dig up basalt ore.
From all this craft an ashy scarab in the amount of two pieces.
Find a pyramid in the desert where at the entrance will be a picture of a scarab. It opens the door. Afterwards, go to the main hall of the pyramid, opening the doors with materials from Nether.
You will find an altar and 8 pillars around it. When you activate it with a scarab, the mobs will start to spawn and attack you. Special drops fall out of these mobs. When you disconnect 9 of these you get activated drop. Use it on the altar, when the pillars extinguish to move to a new level. When you pass enough levels, the boss - Dead Egyptian Martyr will appear.
Next, go to the Mucunfectio Beach - a special blue biome that appears near the ocean. There you need to find sea prism ore and killing creatures to get their meat.
Craft the Kraken bait and in the rain call Kraken on Mucunfectio Beach.
After that, you can go to the flying islands that you probably noticed in the sky. There you need to find the destroyed portal, complete it and activate the Cloud Artefact, which you received from Kraken.
You will enter in a new world - Comets. There you will find or beat up pieces of aerolite and make an axe out of them.
After that, make a grave. When it is in a dark place, cemetery zombies spawn on it. Kill them and make a cenetery dirt out of their drops. Combine the dirt with an axe, get an Axe of Evil.
When you break Comets tree log called the boss - Horrible Tree.
After killing Horrible Tree, go to Nether and find there a fortress of indestructible bricks. On the top floor there will be an altar. Clicking on it with the Hellfire that drops from the Tree, you will summon the boss - Rock-Blaze.
Rock Blaze drops Cleansing Fire, which opens the portal to Purgatorium. The portal itself appears in Nether.
Then you need to collect the three parts of the fallen rune.
The first part drops from the Rock-Blaze, the second part is crafted from the materials drops from Purgatorium mobs, the third part is bought from the Purgatorium Wanderer.
Find a Purgatorium fortress and go inside it activate a special altar with fallen rune.
The boss Nyetet, The Fallen Titan, will be spawned.
Pieces of sunstone drops from Nyetet. Combine them and activate the portal in the Gardens of Eden, which appears in End.
Then find the two buildings - the church and the prison. In the prison from the Sjinns get djinn's lamp. And in the church buy soulbones from Sunfurry Messiah.
From these materials and the fire fuel that drops from fire traps in the maze of Vivid, make a Jaghax's lamp.
If you activate it in Eden, you will award the last boss in this version - Jaghax.


There is also an additional Halloween boss - the Spirit of Halloween. His summon item is made of pieces of aerolite, Hyacinthum ingot, Jack'o'Lantern and ectoplasm. - Mod's Discord Server - Mod in Twitter - Russian social network

Modification files
Eternal Tales [v1.0] [MC 1.15.2].jar - The first version of mod.11.85 MB
Eternal Tales [Better Worlds 1.0.1] [For MC 1.15.2].jar - Eternal Tales: Better Worlds Update! New caves, ruby geodes and more!19.89 MB


-Soundtracks and sounds! Added a soundtrack for each biome in new worlds, thanks to this AKAKA.
-Recorder. If you have it in your inventory, you can record the soundtrack and listen to it anytime on your jukebox.

-Eternal Town!
-Builds when the player creates the world. It consists of three houses.
-This is where the Aeter - npc, which can give the player a starter kit.

-New generation of caves!
-Ruby ore has been removed.
-Rubies now appear in the geodes as at 1.17.
-Petrified wood. New wooden ore. Designed so that you can craft something if you forget planks at home.
-The caves consist of several layers.
-Overgrownth caves. They consist of moss. There grows grass, flowers and vines.
-Mushroom caves. Contains a large number of mushrooms. Very rarely generated giant mushrooms.
-Karst caves. They consist of karst stone, limestone. Salt is now generated only at their level. There are three subtypes: overgrown, flooded and flooded overgrowth.
-At the very bottom there are three types of caves: overgrown, flooded and geobstractsite:
-Flooded caves.
-Volcanic caves. They consist of latit, pyroxenite and diorite.
-Geobstractsite caves. The rarest of the caves. Consists of a new stone - geobstractsite, capable of changing the color.
-Blocks for caves:
- Cave grass and vine, karst vine, several types of stalagmites and stalactites, geoabstractsite tubes and bushes. Karst stone, limestone (asphalt and rock from it can be covered with mold. in Nether the mold will be red), latit (can be melted into volcanic glass), pyroxenite (can be melted into a piece of iron), geobstractsite (poured. on a gold block or bricks becomes yellow. many decorative blocks are made of it).

-Hellish mask - drop from Rock-Blaze.
-Archangel wings. Levitation is imposed if you hold them in your hands and are at a height of over 100. Will help you look for a portal to Comet.
-A portable chest and large portable chest.
-Larger flowers in the Gardens of Eden.
-Tern of the Purgatory.
-New model of berry bushes stilized of azalea bushes from 1.17.
-Straw stairs and slabs.
-Vases with drops for dungeons.
-Eternal Banner. Appears in Eternal Town.
-Damaged infected crystal is now a block.
-Red sand bricks and sand bricks of soul.
-Fruit and melon salad is a new type of food.
-Forester sells a petrified tree sapling.
-Petrified tree for cultivation requires four saplings.
-Infectodeus Forge is done with a multi-block structure.

-Lapsidian. New material. Lapsidian dust is made of lapis lazuli and obsidian, after which it is melted into a bar. A new sword is made of it.
-Ender sword.
-Comet Sword. It is made of Comet crystals.
-Ghost Edge. The mix of the Comet Sword and Ender Sword.
-Ruby spear.

-Homeless armor - a mix of Husk and Stray armor. Works with the Amulet of Eternal Winter.
-For Craft cobalt armor also need gold.

-Tied by Ender. New mob for Ender.
-Profaned cow. New Mob for Nether.
-Banshee - a new Mob for the Ghost Tower. There is a pink and blue colors. Drops Comet shards.
-Comethead - a new Mob for the Ghost Tower. There is a pink and blue colors. Drops Comet shards.
-Nebular. New Mob for End.
-Ruby buddy. A new kind of golem from rubies. Made of blocks of ruby and pillager pumpkin. Stronger than the iron golem in hp, but weaker in damage.

-Few structures for End.
-New structure for the Comet -Ghost Tower. Banshees and Cometheads are spawned in it.

-Thorns are renamed the blackthorn.
-Glowstone dust makes from Yannatus flower.
-Textures have been changed: Halloween Spirit Sword, Great Minecraft Sword, Sun Blades, cleansing powder, stripped bleed and comet wood, blood stone, Comet brick, Comet lamp, damaged infected crystal, Eden grass block, cemetery dust, ruby, cave sword, obsidian, lapis lazuli, iron, diamond and emerald bricks, lapis lazuli pillar, aerolite, skylite and ruby instruments, cobalt armor.
-Bags with the texture of Comethorn, Halloween Spirit, Purgatorium Phantom, Forester, Comet Trader.
-Fewer flying islands.
-Purgatorium Stranger attacks monsters.
-Berries grow slower.
-Forester is not considered to be a hostile mob.
-Button of teleportation does not inflict any more damage.
-In order to move to the next level in desert dungeon you need one activated drop.
-Some items are balanced.
-It is now possible to fry food from mod in a smoker or at the campfire.
-It is now possible to fry ores from mod in a blast furnace.
-From the sea prism you can make prismarine crystals or shards.
-These effects of potions can be stacked.
-Some blocks can now be used as fuel.
-The Cuttings Abstract causes more damage.

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