WJB's Barely-Coherent Biome Mod

Published by WJB's Mods on Thu, 04/29/2021 - 16:51
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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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After almost a year of development, WJB's Barely-Coherent Biome Mod has been released!

What is WJB's Barely-Coherent Biome Mod?

It's a mod I've been teasing on my Tumblr for a while. It adds new mobs, blocks, items and dimensions to Minecraft.


  • A "Dimension Unlocking" system based around defeating bosses to gain access to the next one.
  • 28 mobs (not counting colour variants), all of which use custom models.
  • 19 items, including armour, which uses a custom model.
  • 52 blocks (not counting dyed variants).
  • 10 biomes (7 overworld, 3 other).
  • 11 paintings.
  • A full list of features can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-ypeD2ajHm801kxavWrUdA7THe7PavzBGVE…

Planned features and changes

  • At least three more unlockable dimensions.
  • More structures for the biomes.
  • Renaming all Trilobite colours to fit a food-based naming scheme.


If you encounter a bug, comment below.

  • Multiple advancements for crafting a Light Sword.
  • Potential crashes related to the Shadow Realm.


  • Added 52 blocks: Bloodwood (logs, wood, stripped logs, stripped wood, planks, slabs, stairs, doors and trapdoors), Toxic Mushrooms, Toxic Fog, Toxic Mushroom Block, Gross Abyss Plant, Ancient Wood (leaves, logs, wood, stripped logs, stripped wood, planks, slabs, stairs, doors and trapdoors), Limestone, Polished Limestone, Limestone Fossil, Dark Sand, Jade, Chalk (all 16 dye colours and plain), Shadow Block, Shadow Wood (logs, wood, stripped logs, stripped wood, planks, slabs, stairs, doors and trapdoors), Light Crystal Block, Light Crystal Ore, Rage Wood (leaves, stripped logs, stripped wood, planks, slabs, stairs, doors and trapdoors) and Rage Sand.
  • Added 28 mobs: Small Anglerfish, Big Anglerfish, Jellyfish, Mushroom Creature, Whale, Terracotta Constructs (17 types), Terracotta Vessel (17 types), Raptor, Raptor Skeleton, Ammonite, Diplocaulus, Dunkleosteus, Trilobites (24 types), Desert Bug, Tunneller, Chalk Strider, Kobold, Living Shadow, Net-Head, Turret, Light-Turret, Rage Giant, Rage Zombie, Rage Creeper, Rage Skeleton and Rage Fish.
  • Added 2 bosses: Colossus, Fallen King Prismus
  • Added 15 items: Raptor Leg, Jade Fragment, Jade Hammer, Jade Blade, Jade Scythe, Ammonite Rings, Dunkleosteus Plate, Bone-Plate Armour (Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings and Boots), Obsidian Shard, Light Crystals, Light Sword, Turret, Light-Turret, Totem of Darkness, Ruined Sword and Dimensional Crosser.
  • 7 Overworld Biomes: Bloodwood Plains, Open Ocean, Toxic Mushroom Forest, Ancient Forest, Bone Desert, Bone Ocean, Chalk Canyon.
  • 2 Dimensions: Shadow Realm, Rage World (Rage Grasslands, Rage Ocean)
  • 11 Paintings: 2Fort, Liquefied WJB, Clockwork Earth Elemental, Night Scene, Splatter, Soup, Jellyfish, WJB Portrait, Blank Canvas, Q*Bert, Painting of a Painting.

1.1 (in development):
  • New features:
    • 6 Blocks: Desolate Soil, Desolate Stone (standard and bricks), Irradiated Soil, Uranium Ore and Block of Uranium.
    • 4 Mobs: Mutant, Mutant Creeper, Survivor and Reactor.
    • 1 Boss: The Armageddon Device.
    • 1 item: Uranium Ingot.
    • 1 Fluid: Toxic Waste.
    • 1 Dimension: Desolation (Polluted Grasslands, Irradiated Wasteland, Untouched Forest).
    • 3 non-root Advancements: "Filled With Rage" (entering the Rage World), "War Never Changes..." (entering Desolation) and "Some Things Never Change" (defeating the Armageddon Device).
    • 1 Armour: Powered.
  • Merged the two Light Sword advancements.
  • Completely overhauled the Shadow Boss advancement system:
    • Created a new Advancement Category for Dimensional Unlocking-based advancements, including ones for entering new Dimensions and defeating bosses.
    • Changed the description of the "Boss Rush!" advancement to "Summon a Dimensional Ruler".
  • Made the Shadow Realm look nicer.