WJB's Barely-Coherent Biome Mod

Published by WJB's Mods on Thu, 04/29/2021 - 16:51
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Because I'm no longer satisfied with this mod's quality, 1.3 is the final version. Any features planned for 1.4 onwards will be recycled for future mods.

What is WJB's Barely-Coherent Biome Mod?

It's a mod I've been teasing on my Tumblr for a while. It adds new mobs, blocks, items and biomes to Minecraft.


Modification files
WJB's Barely-Coherent Biome Mod version 1.0.jarUploaded on: 04/29/2021 - 16:51   File size: 2.31 MB
WJB's Barely-Coherent Biome Mod version 1.1_0.jar - WJB's Barely-Coherent Biome Mod version 1.1: The Biodiversity Update.Uploaded on: 07/29/2021 - 10:43   File size: 3.74 MB
WJB's Barely-Coherent Biome Mod version 1.2.jar - WJB's Barely-Coherent Biome Mod version 1.2: The Neon Update.Uploaded on: 03/13/2022 - 14:28   File size: 2.88 MB
WJB's Barely-Coherent Biome Mod version 1.3.1.jar - WJB's Barely-Coherent Biome Mod version 1.3.1: A few minor fixes.Uploaded on: 06/18/2022 - 06:52   File size: 3.2 MB

Note: updates from 1.4 onwards are still being planned. Stuff listed under them is subject to change.



  • Added 52 blocks: Bloodwood (logs, wood, stripped logs, stripped wood, planks, slabs, stairs, doors and trapdoors), Toxic Mushrooms, Toxic Fog, Toxic Mushroom Block, Gross Abyss Plant, Ancient Wood (leaves, logs, wood, stripped logs, stripped wood, planks, slabs, stairs, doors and trapdoors), Limestone, Polished Limestone, Limestone Fossil, Dark Sand, Jade, Chalk (all 16 dye colours and plain), Shadow Block, Shadow Wood (logs, wood, stripped logs, stripped wood, planks, slabs, stairs, doors and trapdoors), Light Crystal Block, Light Crystal Ore, Rage Wood (leaves, stripped logs, stripped wood, planks, slabs, stairs, doors and trapdoors) and Rage Sand.
  • Added 28 mobs: Small Anglerfish, Big Anglerfish, Jellyfish, Mushroom Creature, Whale, Terracotta Constructs (17 types), Terracotta Vessel (17 types), Raptor, Raptor Skeleton, Ammonite, Diplocaulus, Dunkleosteus, Trilobites (24 types), Desert Bug, Tunneller, Chalk Strider, Kobold, Living Shadow, Net-Head, Turret, Light-Turret, Rage Giant, Rage Zombie, Rage Creeper, Rage Skeleton and Rage Fish.
  • Added 2 bosses: Colossus, Fallen King Prismus
  • Added 15 items: Raptor Leg, Jade Fragment, Jade Hammer, Jade Blade, Jade Scythe, Ammonite Rings, Dunkleosteus Plate, Bone-Plate Armour (Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings and Boots), Obsidian Shard, Light Crystals, Light Sword, Turret, Light-Turret, Totem of Darkness, Ruined Sword and Dimensional Crosser.
  • 7 Overworld Biomes: Bloodwood Plains, Open Ocean, Toxic Mushroom Forest, Ancient Forest, Bone Desert, Bone Ocean, Chalk Canyon.
  • 2 Dimensions: Shadow Realm, Rage World (Rage Grasslands, Rage Ocean)
  • 11 Paintings: 2Fort, Liquefied WJB, Clockwork Earth Elemental, Night Scene, Splatter, Soup, Jellyfish, WJB Portrait, Blank Canvas, Q*Bert, Painting of a Painting.

1.1/The Biodiversity Update:

  • Upgraded to 1.16.5
  • New features:
    • 2 Blocks: Peat and Peat Grass
    • 1 Plant: Reeds
    • 1 Biome: Peat Bog
    • 10 Mobs: Rage Pig, Kiwi, Whale Shark, Walking Fang, Terracotta Spider (17 types), Preserved Zombie (Melee and Ranged), Frog, Toad, Snail and Meganeura (green and orange variants).
    • 8 Weapons: Revolver, Flintlock, Blunderbuss, Cannon, Hand Mortar, Grenade, Flaregun and Antique Minigun.
    • 4 Items: Revolver Bullet, Flintlock Ball, Cannonball and Flare.
    • 4 Advancements:
      • 1 Root Advancement: "Gun Upgrade System".
      • 3 Normal Advancements: "A Big Iron on your Hip" (for crafting a Revolver), "Let's Get Serious" (for crafting a Cannon), "Spreading the Word" (for crafting a Blunderbuss), "Kaboom!" (for crafting a Hand Mortar), "Do You Believe in Magic?" (for crafting a Flaregun) and "Cry Some More!" (for crafting an Antique Minigun).
      • 2 Secret Advancements (currently unobtainable): "Dual Pistols and a Wink" and "Messing With The Best".
    • Added a new "Falling Leaves" ambient particle to the Ancient Forest.
  • There's a tiered weapon system based around combining your guns with random objects to make them do more damage, have unique gimmicks etc.
  • Merged the two Light Sword advancements.
  • Made the Shadow Realm look (and sound!) nicer.
  • Fixed the names of the wooden stairs and sorted the Wooden Fences into the Decorations category.
  • Removed the Chargeless Crosser and modified the entry method for the Rage World.
    • Renamed the Dimensional Crosser (Rage Configuration) to Dimensional Crosser.
  • Completely overhauled the Jellyfish's model, hitbox and texture to better resemble an actual jellyfish, and changed what touching it does.
    • The Jellyfish painting is also changed, but only by making the colour grey.
  • Renamed Petrification to Paralysis and removed the visual effect.

1.2/The Neon Update

  • New features:
    • 12 Blocks: Blue Sand, Blue Sandstone (normal (block, slab and stairs), Chiselled, Cut (block, slab and stairs), Smooth (block and slab) and Glowing), Compressed Tower.
      • 5 Items: Neon Essence, Potion of Glowing (standard, Splash, Lingering and Arrow variants).
    • 5 Mobs: Neon Saucer, Neon Drone, Neon Worker, Neon Robot, Anomalocaris.
    • 1 Biome: Neon.
    • 1 Structure: Alien Tower (separated into a base and several randomly-picked floors; I recommend bringing ladders).
    • 1 Painting: Crop Circles.
  • Removed guns; they will instead be their own separate mod, due to not really fitting with this mod's premise.
  • Various mobs have been completely redesigned to better reflect my current model- and texture-making ability:
    • Terracotta mobs are now based on Glazed Terracotta. While the body design is the same across all variants, the head is unique, as are the shoulders and thoraxes of Constructs and Spiders, respectively.
    • Dunkleosteus have had a complete overhaul, with their palette changing from a dull beige to a brighter blue. There are more details as well, based on old, now-inaccurate artists' renditions. The model features entirely 2D fins, which are moved into a more anatomically-accurate position.
    • As with the latter, the Diplocaulus model and texture have been improved, inspired by the Axolotl's model. The legs are 2D, the head looks better (and the fins are now 2D and angled), the texture has been brightened up, and a mouth has been added to the underside of the head.
    • Kobolds and Rage Fish now have a better-defined texture.
    • Desert Bugs now look more insectoid, with a completely original texture, as opposed to the spider-derived original. They also have a glow effect on their tail.
    • Ammonites are less dull-coloured, with a better visual separation between the shell and body. The tentacles are also rotated slightly to make them more distinct and separate, instead of looking like a weird beak.
    • Mushroom Creatures have a less-messy texture, albeit a more flat-looking one.
    • The body of the Walking Fang model has been rotated 90°. The feet are also flipped to look more like hands.
  • Did some cool stuff with tags to make crafting better.
  • Removed Whales and Whale Sharks (due to them not really working and being hard to texture), Colossi (due to them still not having a function), and Frogs and Toads (due to potential future overlap with Minecraft 1.19).
  • Fixed a bug with the Chalk Strider AI, and made their projectiles apply Paralysis.
  • Adjusted the colour schemes of certain biomes to look better and/or less garish.
    • Bloodwood Plains now have grass closer to that of vanilla Savanna biomes.
    • Open Oceans have brighter, less-green water.
    • Ancient Forests are now a lot brighter; the grass is almost lime-green, and non-Ancient foliage is orange.
    • Peat Bogs have lighter grass and foliage.
  • Altered the textures of Dark Sand and Limestone to avoid potential visual confusion with a block planned for a future version of this mod.
  • Modified the Dunkleosteus target list so they no longer attack Ammonites or Trilobites. They still attack Diplocaulus and small fish, however.
  • Increased the chance that Ammonites will drop Nautilus Shells from 15% to 20%.

1.3/The Final Update (currently in development)

  • Updated to 1.18.x and fiddled with the workspace settings to do things like add my preferred name and change the version number to 1.3.0
  • New features:
    • 13 Blocks: Spooky Wood (Logs, Planks, Wood, Stripped Logs, Stripped Wood, Fences, Gates, Doors, Trapdoors, Buttons, Pressure Plates, Stairs and Slabs).
    • 7 Mobs: Mad Scientists, Ghosts, Wraiths, Gargoyles, Ghouls, Hunters, Skeleton Fish.
      • 2 Bosses: Vampires (four texture variants!), Experiments.
    • 1 Biome: Haunted Forest.
  • Walking Fangs - which have been in the mod since 1.1, but without a spawn-biome set - now spawn.
  • Modified most of the Ancient Wood textures, as well as that of Ancient Leaves.
  • Fiddled with mob spawns.
    • Fixed Neon Attack Drones spawning in the wrong biomes.
    • Raptors now spawn during the day.
  • Snails are now available in more colours, based on real snail species.
  • Completely redid the AI for Mushroom Creatures to make them passive, remembered to import the model, and fixed their spawning.
  • Fixed some Terracotta Vessel types using the wrong models.
  • Recoloured Ancient wood.
  • Retextured the portrait painting to reflect my current skin, and replaced the liquefied painting with a new one depicting a Warden.
  • Renamed the Gross Abyss Plant to just Abyss Plant.
  • Fixed some block names.
  • Did some fiddling so that fully-aquatic mobs now take damage on land.
  • Made Turrets work better; they now don't attack each-other, spawn directly on blocks, and are immune to knockback.


  • Fixed some spawns.
  • Made Ghosts and Wraiths invincible.

Man, this is a really great mod!!! But it sometimes has very simple textures, but it's really great!! I will be waiting for new updates!

Most Terracotta Mobs have simple textures. Also, a separate claim to Ancient Leaves, because they do not look like leaves, but like a block of compressed leaves, I would like them to look like the leaves of vanilla trees. That's all.

Due to recent events, the last two voted-for biomes (Volcanic Zone and Irradiated Wasteland) will be added in the same update; because of this, there will be a longer-than-usual pause in development between 1.3 (the Haunted Forest update) and 1.4 (the Volcanic/Irradiated biomes update).

Wow! So the work on the mod is still going on! I am very glad about it.