Epic Expansion Mod!

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Epic Expansion Mod!

WIP: Version 0.5.6 (See Changelog for updates)

The Epic Expansion mod is a mod that expands everything, ranging from ores, to biomes, to a new dimension! Lengthen your average Minecraft Experience with this Mod and never stop having fun! This mod includes a new type of tool and a new type of weapon: Drills and Longswords! Drills will mine blocks faster than pickaxes, but will require redstone to craft them. Longswords are a stronger variant of regular swords and will deal more damage.


+200 Mod Elements!


  • Light Grass/Light Dirt/Light Stone (found in Light Biomes, which are very rare)

  • Enchanted Log/Enchanted Wood Planks/Enchanted Leaves (found in Enchanted Wood Biomes)

  • Ashwood Log/Ashwood Planks (found in Ashlands Biomes)

  • Material Fuser (Fuse materials to make a new material!)

  • Tin Extractor (Extract dust into an ingot/gem!)

  • Aethereal Grass/Dirt/Wood/Wood Planks/Leaves (found in the aether dimension)

  • Tin/Copper/Bronze/Cobalt/Dark Nitro Block

  • And much more!


  • Cobalt Ore - A blue, strong material found in Enchanted Woods Biomes

  • Dark Nitro - A dark, volcanic version of regular coal, it is full of energy. Found in Ashlands Biomes

  • Royalite - A powerful, purple gemstone found in Alpha-lands Biomes

  • Copper - An orange material that can be found anywhere

  • Tin - A slightly yellow material that can be found anywhere

  • Illumino - A yellow gem that illuminates with great power. Only found in Light Plains biomes.


  • Cobalt Tools

  • Enchanted Wood Tools

  • Stone Drill

  • Iron Drill

  • Diamond Drill

  • Royalite Drill

  • Cobalt Drill


  • Iron Longsword

  • Diamond Longsword

  • Cobalt Longsword

  • Royalite Longsword

  • Copper Rusher (a sword designed for rushing enemies)


  • Wood Armor

  • Enchanted Wood Armor

  • Copper Armor

  • Tin Armor

  • Cobalt Armor

  • Royalite Armor

  • Blast Resistor Armor (Body only)

  • Illumino Armor (Helmet Only)


Dark Swamp



Light Plains

Enchanted Woods


  • Aether


Material Fuser Recipes:

Top Slot = Left Ingredient (e.g Obsidian)

Bottom Slot = Right Ingredient (e.g Iron)

Obsidian + Iron = Obsidiron

Copper + Tin = Bronze

Iron + Coal = Steel


Much More Coming Soon!

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Added a recipe for the Tin Extractor (I forgot, sorry!)

Added more utility for Ashwood/Enchanted Wood. (Added recipes for them such as doors and chests)

Fixed Volcanic Plant's name


Public Release, yay!

Submitted by ultrasquid on Mon, 05/27/2019 - 16:16

this mod looks great! how did you get the sky islands to work?

The Skyislands in the Aether? I just used End Generation and made aether blocks for it. Sometimes you'll spawn in the middle of nowhere, so you have to explore and you'll eventually find an island.

Submitted by YoshiMochi on Tue, 05/28/2019 - 22:04

Looks cool. Kinda like a combination of Aether and BiomesOplenty.

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