Tatooine Craft [Star Wars mod] 390 elements!

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Tatooine Craft is a Star Wars-themed Minecraft mod. It adds 17 new dimensions, 75 blocks, over 50 items, and 23 mobs.

Unlike other Minecraft Star Wars mods, Tatooine Craft focuses on less well-known things from the Star Wars universe, such as planets Csilla, Haruun Kal, Kesh, and chicken-like Bloggins; They are the dumbest creatures in the galaxy after Jar Jar Binks.

Read more at Tatooine Craft Wiki

Dimension portal made out of Hyperdrive Generators

Hyperspace frame (Dimension portal) made out of Hyperdrive Generators and Planet Coordinates

Planet Ahch-To

Planet Kessel


Shaak - Local fauna of planet Naboo

Akk dogs - Local fauna of planets Kesh and Haruun Kal



Newest content: 

  • >Total 380 features<
  • >Fixed the purple texture bug<
  • >Bakura dimension<
  • >Naboo dimension<
  • Nautolan mobs
  • Abyssin mob
  • Talz mob
  • Ranged Talz mob
  • Retextured Clone Trooper armor
  • Jedi Robe armor
  • Demicot Silk
  • >Several new beverages<
  • Namana Wood block
  • >Ice Cream Maker crafting block<
  • Naboo Grass block
  • Naboo Bedrock block
  • Bantha Wool Carpet
  • Pom plant (replaces lily pad)
  • T'iil plant
  • Climbing Fern plant
  • >Droid Caller item (protocol droids follows droid caller)<
  • Shaaks can be now bred with T'iil instead of Wheat
  • Coordinates of Yavin 4 recipe
  • >Tibanna Gas recipe<
  • >Carbonite recipe<
  • Jawa Juice recipe
  • Supernova recipe
  • >Moisture Vaporator recipes<
  • >More tree structures<
  • Tooltips for wood logs
  • Tatooine Craft Wiki has now planets

Upcoming features: 

  • >General Grievous boss mob<
  • Togruta mob
  • >Rotatable wood logs<
  • Massassi Wood block
  • Blueleaf block
  • Dedlanite Ore
  • Dedlanite item
  • Scalefish Dish food item
  • Bronzium Armor
  • Felucian Plant stuctures
  • Geonosian hive structures
  • >Felucia dimension<
  • >Crafting recipes for Protocol Droid Spawn Eggs<

Known bugs:

  • Creating the portal to Tatooine causes the game to crash
  • Spawning Bloggins, Gaberworms and Rockwarts causes the game to crash
  • Using Ice Cream Maker causes the game to crash
  • Mobs with Cow's model are too fast
  • Dianogas are too fast
  • Mustafar has Grass
Modification files
Tatooine Craft #5.jar - Update #5 NabooUploaded on: 11/14/2018 - 11:25   File size: 2.31 MB
  • >Over 280 features<
  • Hotdog food item
  • Dianoga Pie food item
  • Dianoga Cream item
  • Dianoga Tea beverage
  • >5 Ice Creams food items<
  • Skillet bowl-like item
  • "Besalisk's Bellyful" Hash food item
  • "Hungry Hutt" Sandwich food item
  • Ahto City Cheese food item
  • Rishi Soup food item
  • Dex's Double hamburger-like food item
  • Hubba Chips French fries-like food item
  • Gaberwool replaces Govath-wool
  • Dianoga Cream Donut food item
  • Yowvetch Custard Donut food item
  • Wasaka Berry Pie food item
  • Scalefish Fillet cooked pufferfish food item
  • Jawa Juice drink
  • Supernova drink
  • Crafting recipe for Cambylictus Planks
  • >Crafting recipe for Blaster Power Pack<
  • Crafting recipe for Gaberwool block
  • >Lots of new content in the wiki<

Hey Nice Mod but you forget to rename some textures so it replace some textures but great mod when it finsh or stable I will download it

Hey Nice Mod but how you make ores apper in your dimension if the dimension is overworld type?

Very cool looking. I like the new dimensions. I would download it now, but I am on my phone.