The Crazy Mod

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In development
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Hello This Mod adds New Biomes New Armor Tools Mobs And Ores The new Armor Added is Following Ruby, Sky, Sapphire, Emerald And Last Platinum The Three New Biomes are The Sky Biome Ruby Biome And Sapphire Biome The Ruby And Sapphire Biome Add the Two New Mobs The Ruby Creeper And Sapphire Creeper The Ruby Creeper Spawns In The Ruby Biome And The Sapphire Creeper Spawns In The Sapphire Biome The New Ores Spawn in Specific Locations Like The Sapphire Ore Spawns in the Sapphire Biome Ruby In The Ruby Biome And The Sky Ore In the Sky Biome And The Platinum Everywhere And with These Ores You Can Craft The Armor And Tools To Help You On The Journey To Beat The Ender Dragon. New Update There Are Way More New Things In This Mod Like A New Over Powered Sword More Crafts And New Boss That A Lot Of People I Think Do Know. Hope You Succeed On Your Journey

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