Sakura Biome

Published by MarioRD on Fri, 11/06/2020 - 10:52
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Yep, it's another sakura mod. I know there are many other sakura mods out there, but I have created this mod simply to learn a little more about them, and because it was a goal that I had in mind for a long time. 



Asi es, otro mod de sakura. Se que hay muchos otros mods relacionados con los cerezos, pero, he creado este mod simplemente para aprender el funcionamiento de estos y tambien porque era un objetivo que tenia en mente desde hace mucho tiempo.


1. A unique biome that has: two types of cherry trees, giant mushrooms, bamboo, flowers and most importantly ... PANDAS!
2. Structures like pagodas (with an interesting loot), toriis and japanese pendant lamps scattered throughout the biome.
3. A whole set of sakura wood blocks (except chest, crafting table, barrel, signs...). These will be added in the next update.
4. Pinkish water and sky.



1. Un bioma unico que incluye: dos tipos de cerezos distintos, setas gigantes, bamboo, flores, y lo mas importante... PANDAS!
2. Estructuras como pagodas (con un loot muy interesante), toriis y lamparas colgantes japonesas repartidas por todo el mapa.
3. Un set entero de bloques de madera de sakura (excepto cofres, mesa de crafteo, barril, cartel...) Estos se añadiran proximamente.
4. Agua y cielo de color rosa.








1. Pylo, for creating MCreator.
2. MrWizz, for creating an amazing tree pack.
3. EREMILION, for creating an extraordinary mushroom pack.


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it could be more beautiful if you make the water light blue (like in tropical isles)

Biomes are wonderful. Lanterns give a wonderful atmosphere. But I miss mobs related to the subject of these biomes. For example, new fish.