Dragon Dimensions

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This is the Dragon Dimensions mod this mod adds a new dimension to minecraft 

To get there you must mine dragon ore that spawns randomlly under ground

then you have to make an infususer with 7 dragon gems (around the sides and bottem) and one red stone in the middle

Then make a red stone block portal frame and us the infuser this light the portal...

If you kill enogth Mist and lost warrior mobs you will get there rare drops to make a spawner for a boss...

if you kill more bosses you get death gems that can make death weapons

Verson 1.0.1

Dragon ore is a little bit more common 

Verson 1.0.0


The Mist

Lost warrior

The Black Death (boss)

How to craft the spawner

one Mist skull (rare drop from the mist) top middle

2 dragon gems the middle sides

And a Mystic orb (rare drop from Lost Warrior) in the middle

Each spawner will spawn 2

(Not enogh iteams mod may be needed download it with code chicken core to it  to work)

I upload or update a new mod every week so make sure you keep an eye out

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Modification files
dragon_dimensions_1.0.1.jar - 1.0.1 Dragon Dimensions167.72 KB
dragon_dimensions.jar - 1.0.0 Dragon Dimensions167.74 KB