The Steves Mod

Published by _The_Cat_ on Mon, 07/15/2019 - 16:26
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This mod adds the steves into Minecraft. Like Green Steve, Red Steve, Blue Steve. If you want the steves in Minecraft you might want this mod. The invisible items that say water, packed ice, and lava need worldedit. I did not make the worldedit mod, the developers of that are sk89q & wizjany.

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Bedrock portal

Obsidian portal

Nice mod, but please can you go into the features in a little more detail in the description? E.g what are these invisible items? What do the Steves do?

these steve skins aren't made by you or only colored.You could edit the real steve skin to make it custom

why should I need world edit for it why will you not do it without world edit?? (just asking)