O Worlds Craft

Published by diNOnoob on Thu, 02/27/2020 - 21:18
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Minecraft Forge mod
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This mod adds a ton of armor, weapons, Materials, ores, mobs…. Animated weapons and cool armor.

I will add bosses soon….


NOTE: This mods scrippting id (AKA the  name of the mod in game and ingame commands like /give @p O_Worlds_Craft:..., so don't be suprised as I made this mod with a different name)


Special Weapons:


FlamingSword = "places" a fire "block" that will burn enemies, or used like a flint and steel (You nead an entity to start a fire).


Magic Sword = despawns any mob it hits.


OG sword = good dmg, low Number Of Uses.


More to be added.... :D


Modification files
O Worlds Craft.jar - Where it all... nO iT didn't start hERe Q A620.97 KB
OWORLDSCRafr.jar - O Worlds Craft 2.0. More Armor, tools and weapons, 2 new biomes, Problems with the Darkness Dimension so it wasn't added.691.46 KB