Dimex dimention traveling mod

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{|hey i have 14 year old i am french , so this text was traducted by google sorry for errors ( but not this text :/ )|}


mod and future : Welcome to the first dimex vesion (V 0.1) dimex wants in the future (i hope near) add more dimention with each their handle to pass them for new exploration and discovery.

                                                      all the mod

                                                 (instal NEI for craft)

Start the mod:   to start, find some of the stone structure in the owerworld with a green block in the middle (you can't miss), mine the green block and get a dimentional gem   (100% 2 50% 3) , then craft a gem sword, a gem pickaxe and a gem axe keep them, then craft 12 portal frame and a portal activator, check your stuff (need good stuff). and go in the dimention !!!


in the dimention:   now go fight some bluekiller (type of zombie) to get baltium chunk, the bluekiller do like the zombie, but be careful they have 30 pv, they attack 8 dammage and can call help. Now you have baltium chunk, craft 2 weak baltium with 9 baltium chunk, then craft the blue forger.


the blue forger:   you can now mine yurite and gatium (the gatium is useless) but you're going to need 4 kakora wood for 1 craft and diamond paste to create yurite ingot, for craft diamond paste go find a large kakora tree with diamond block and sicjy fruit or find forest for the sticky fruit, this plant you will to craft the diamond paste, craft armor and sword now and.... it's currently the end of the mod sorry but don't worry a future update is comming.



if you see somthing wrong please go in the comentary and write it.

Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files

V 0.1

-1 new dimention : bluetonia

-3 new struture 1 in owerworld , 2 in bluetonia

-1 new creative tab

-18 new blocks

-19 new item and tools

-3 new biome in bluetonia

-2 new mob

                        IN FUTURE UPTADE

a new dimention

real utility of gatium

new mob

more thing in bluetonia

bug fix