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Hi everyone! I've gotten a lot of requests to release this mod. I've been working on it for almost a year now, but I think that I can finally share it! This is my very first mod so go easy on me. I did everything myself.

This mod adds a lot of features, and it is intended to be compatible with Mo'Creatures and Biomes O' Plenty! Also, future updates promised by Mojang (Deserts w/ palm trees and meerkats, baobabs in savannas) will be compatible as well, and I will make adjustments when those features are released (I'm looking at you, Prickly Pear Cactus). 

So, without further ado, let's go over all of the features! 


  • TROPICAL DRY FOREST: The quintessential biome in this mod. Littered with podzol, new plants such as Pitcher Plants and Ocotillos, this biome heavily features Tall Baobabs. As this biome is based on the real-world Spiny Dry Forests in Madagascar, this biome has its own exclusive plant: the Pachypodium. Regular ones will damage the player with their spikes, but Flowering Pachypodiums will not. The biome also has its own exclusive rare mob...
    • TROPICAL DRY MOUNTAINS (Dry Forest M/Tsingy): The "hills" variant of the Tropical Dry Forest. It features a LOT of andesite cliffs and boulders. Coarse dirt covers the landscape as well. It is based off of the Tsingys in Madagascar.
  • STEPPETUNDRA: This plains biome is based on the ancient Mammoth Steppes in the real world, which today only survive in Mongolia and Siberia. This cold and dry prairie is home to horses and other mobs. Rare fossils and ruins generate here, and this is one of the few locations where Permafrost can generate.
  • PAMPAS: A new savanna-type biome. Based off of the grasslands in South America, Yucca plants and Monkey Puzzle Trees generate here. A new mob, the extinct-in-the-real-world Doedicurus, spawns here in groups. 
    • PARAMO (Pampas M): The mountain variant of the Pampas. These tall mountains are based off of the Andes Mountains. Yuccas and Lamas spawn here.
  • SCRUB: A very common "filler biome". These dry and desolate biomes spawn with dead bushes and Sagebrush. 
    • MEDITERRANEAN SCRUBLAND: A biome based off of the Mediterranean. Dragon Trees and sandstone boulders generate here, as do a new plant: the Kangaroo Paw.
    • VOLCANIC SCRUBLAND: A Scrubland that generates with lava rock. Based off of volcanic fields in Idaho (Craters of the Moon Natl. Park), this is an extremely rare variant. 
  • TROPICAL ISLAND: This biome is a peaceful and uncommon biome. Full of jungle trees and colorful plants, I'm trying to get tropical fish to spawn in the shallow waters here. Moai ruins can spawn here. Pachypodiums and Hawaiian Ti Plants and dwarf naupakas generate too. Dodos spawn here.
  • MANGROVE BEACH: A rare tropical beach that spawns with boulders and mangroves.
    • WARM AND LUKEWARM BEACHES: These are rare beach variants that are very small transitional biomes.
  • OPEN OCEAN: An uncommon Deep Ocean variant that's... even deeper. Kelp Patties spawn out here, and at the very bottom are hydrothermal vents, which feature Tube Worms, Mussel beds, and Black Smoker structures.
  • LUSH SWAMP: A brand new swamp variant based off of the Bayou. Fan palms, cypresses, and mangroves can spawn here. Rare Bayou Shacks can spawn here as well, complete with a witch and her trusty mutt named Gumbo.
  • JOSHUA TREE DESERT: A brand new Desert variant that spawns with all kinds of new plants! Joshua Trees and Aloe Vera generate here as do Prickly Pear cactuses and sandstone boulders. A new exclusive mob spawns here too.
  • LARGE OAK FOREST: A special Forest variant that spawns with large oak trees. A new mob, the Opossum, spawns here.
  • BLUET FIELDS: A rare Plains variant with meadows of Bluet flowers.
  • TEMPERATE JUNGLE: A rare Giant Spruce/Tree Taiga variant that spawns with grass. It's based off of New Zealand temperate rainforests and contains sword ferns and tree ferns.
  • POISONOUS FOREST: An uncommon, dark, and dead forest with purple water and grey grass. Carnivorous plants spawn here, including the dangerous Venus Flower.
  • ALPINE MOUNTAINS: A Mountains variant that spawns with spruce trees, huge spruce trees, aspen trees, tulips, and patches of snow and coarse dirt.
  • SNOWCAP MOUNTAINS: An extremely-tall mountains biome that spawns within Snowy Mountains biomes. These tall, frosted peaks are extremely sparse and made of snow and packed ice. Snow Golems spawn here.
    • WOODED SNOWCAP MOUNTAINS: A wooded variant of the Snowcap Mountains. These are rarer and spawn with spruce trees and yaks.
  • JUNGLE LAKE: A jungle variant that
  • SALT LAKE: A rare desert variant based on the Dead Sea that features salt. It's very barrem.


  • NEW TREES/LOGS: New minor trees like Monkey Puzzles, Alders, Madrona Trees, Dragon Trees, Cypresses, Olive Trees, and Eucalyptus trees generate in the new biomes made of existing wood types. However, there are new trees with new logs too! 
    • NEW TREE - TALL BAOBAB: This tree generates in the Tropical Dry Forest and Savanna Plateau biomes. It comes with a new log and stripped log: the Baobab log. When the future Baobabs are added to savannas in Minecraft's future, the log may be replaced. Baobab logs are crafted into Acacia Planks.
    • NEW TREE - JOSHUA TREE: This new tree is barely even a tree - in fact its full-log block is found in greater quantities with the Dragon and Monkey Puzzle trees. This log can be crafted into Oak planks.
    • NEW TREE - FAN PALM: To avoid compatability issues with other mods as well as Minecraft's future palm trees to come with deserts, Fan Palms generate in beach and scrubland biomes. Palm Logs can be crafted into Jungle Planks.
    • NEW TREE - MANGROVE: This tree generates in Mangrove Beaches and Lush Swamps. Its log can be crafted into Birch Planks.
  • NEW FLOWERS: Kangaroo Paws, Bromeliads, Pitcher Plants, Pachypodiums, Yuccas, Airplants, Bird-of-Paradise Plants, Firebird Plants. They're all here.
  • NEW OTHER PLANTS: Sedge Grass, Sword Ferns, Sagebrush, Bromeliad Vines, Ocotillos, Prickly Pear Cacti, Java and Land moss, Dwarf Naupakas, Elephant Grass, blackberry bushes. It's also all here. Sea Urchins are also in the testing phase.
  • NEW LARGE PLANTS: Joshua Trees, Screw Palm Trees in jungles, and Ti Plants in Tropical islands. These non-full trees are definitely a sight. However, their function is largely in development and there is no way to grow them.
  • ALOE VERA: This new plant, which spawns in Joshua Tree Deserts, is rather special. It drops a Piña, which can be cooked. Instead of making tequila, this block will be able to be brewed into a new potion.
  • GENERATED STRUCTURES: The mod adds new generated structures as well.
    • BONE CAMPS - an uncommon stone-age ruin left by prehistoric hunters, who spent the night there a few thousand years ago. Found in Steppetundras. May contain loot.
    • MAMMOTH SKULL (new fossil) - The skull left by a gigantic, ancient mammoth, who may or may not have lived in the Steppetundras before its herd migrated on to the Mo' Creatures mod. These are fossils found underground in steppetundras. They will not contain loot.
    • MOAI HEAD - A ruin left by an ancient tribe in the Tropical Island biomes. Made of lava rock, this will not contain loot. It might contain lava, though.
    • BAYOU SHACK - A shack on stilts, similar to the Witch Hut. These spawn uncommonly in Lush Swamps. Home to a witch and her loyal mutt, Gumbo, who you probably shouldn't attack. May contain loot.
    • TAIGA SHACK - A shack that spawns in Giant Tree Taigas and Giant Spruce Taigas. It's a rare log cabin with a dirt floor, and it may contain loot.
    • SALOON - A western Saloon that rarely generates in Badlands Plateaus. Definitely contains loot (and beverages). 
    • WINDMILL - A rare windmill that spawns in Badlands Plateaus.
    • STABLE - A western stable that spawns rarely in Badlands Plateaus.
    • RUINS - These spawn extremely rarely in Mediterranean Scrublands, and are based on Greek temples. Come in Pillar variants as well.
    • CABANA - These spawn in the new tropical beach biomes. They contain tikis, bamboo blocks, and pufferfish lamps.


Finally, the best part of the mod: New mobs.

  • GROUND SLOTH: Now extinct in the real world, this mob will spawn in Mega Taiga biomes. It's intended to be neutral. It also drops leather and Ossicles, a new item which can craft chainmail. 
  • SHASTA GROUND SLOTH: A variant of the Ground Sloth which spawns in Joshua Tree Deserts, as well as some scrublands. They eat the fruits off of Joshua Trees (will be added soon).
  • GIANT GROUND SLOTH: The best mob in the game. It's a giant variant of the Ground Sloth. Based off of the extinct Megatherium, it's a Tropical Dry Forest-exclusive mob. It's also very strong.
  • DOEDICURUS: A glyptodont, a relative of the armadillo. This giant mob spawns in some scrublands and is native to the Pampas. They have a very tough shell, which can be dropped as a block.
  • STARFISH: A nearly stationary aquatic mob. They spawn in tropical ocean biomes and drop themselves as items. Purely decorative.
  • OPOSSUM: A nocturnal (intended to be nocturnal) passive mob. They spawn in Large Oak Forests and Lush Swamps. They have behaviors that I am intending to work on, where they will play dead when attacked, and will sleep during the day/burn in sunlight.
  • BEHEMOTH: A very strange monster that spawns in the End's smaller islands. They are huge, flying mobs that will shoot projectiles at the player like Shulker bullets. This can help players float across these hazardous biomes.
  • MOA: Not to be confused with the Aether mod's moas. These are extinct-in-the-real-world birds that are HUGE. They are peaceful and only spawn in Temperate Jungles. They can be ridden. They drop feathers.
  • DODO: A peaceful flightless bird that spawns in Tropical Islands. They love apples. Why would you ever want to hurt one?
  • PANGOLIN: Not to be confused with "Penguin". These not-quite-yet-extinct-in-real-life are highly endangered. They eat insects, and spawn in Savannas, Jungles, and Mediterranean Scrublands. They're uncommon and drop their armor-like scales.
  • VENUS FLOWER: A stationary flower mob that spawns in Poisonous Forests. They shoot poison darts at the player, but the darts don't currently work. Can be reproduced with Venus Seeds.
  • SEA PIG: A peaceful, herd-loving, bottom-dwelling mob that spawns in Open Ocean biomes on the seafloor. Drops slimeballs.
  • YAK: A hairy, wooly variant of the Cow that only spawns in cold biomes. C'mon, what more can I say? It's a yak.
  • MOLA MOLA: A large fish mob that spawns in Open Oceans. 

So what are you waiting for? Hop on in!

More Images:

Modification files
  • 1.0: Added everything.


  • Added regular Palm Trees that spawn in jungles, warm beaches, and tropical islands.
  • Added Coconuts
  • Added Coconut Drinks
  • Added tussock grass
  • Removed buggy test blocks
  • Reorganized creative inventory
  • Renamed "Fan Palm Leaves" to "Palm Leaves"
  • Added crafting recipe for Block of Kelp, and it can be smoked/smelted into Dried Kelp blocks.


  • Differentiated the Giant Spruce Taiga and Giant Tree Taiga (vanilla biomes).
    • Giant Tree Taiga is a Northern-Californian Redwood forest. Drier than the giant spruce taiga, it features Manzanita bushes.
    • Giant Spruce Taiga is based on the Pacific Northwest. Madrona and Alder trees spawn here, as well as Spanish moss to mimic lichens. Blackberry bushes and sword ferns spawn here. 
  • Updated the Temperate Jungle
    • This biome is now based off of temperate rainforests in New Zealand rather than the Pacific Northwest. Tree Ferns now spawn here, and several previously-exclusive plants have been moved. Grass now spawns rather than Podzol.
    • Maybe a new exclusive mob is coming...?
  • Updated tree structures, hopefully leaf decay has been fixed.
  • Changed spawning for the Ground Sloth; it should now only spawn in Steppetundra, the Giant Tree Taiga, and Giant Spruce Taiga.
  • Elephant Grass has been temporarily disabled until I can create a texture that isn't an eyesore.


  • Further differentiated Mega Taiga biomes and temperate jungles
  • Added some more behemoth bullet functionality
  • Fixed leaf decay bugs; logs are now correctly under the "logs" tag.
  • Reorganized creative inventory yet again


  • Added the Moa mob
  • Added Stripped variants of palm and mangrove logs


  • Added Dodo mob
  • Moa mob now has sounds and drops feathers
  • Fixed minor bugs


  • Added Bayou Shacks
  • Added mangrove roots that spawn in Lush Swamps and Mangrove Beaches.
  • Fixed Moa spawning
  • Fixed Dodo model
  • Fixed Bone Camp spawn frequencies and made them rarer; fixed their structure as well
  • Fixed some Behemoth behavior (MCreator ver. 2020.2)
  • Fixed Creative inventory yet again
  • Fixed the Bluet Fields biome.
  • Lowered Eucalyptus spawn frequency


  • Added Saloons
  • Added Windmills
  • Added Stables
  • Added Taiga Shacks
  • Added Lava Rock Shrines
  • Fixed Moss and Bluet generation
  • Fixed Pinas in the creative menu
  • Added a new model for Blackberry Bushes


  • Added Olives (currently unobtainable in survival)
  • Added edible Pitted Olives
  • Added Pangolin Scales
  • Added Pangolins
  • Added Ruins, ruined pillars
  • Added Olive tree structures
  • Fixed bugs


  • Added Venus Flowers
  • Added Venus Seeds
  • Added venus darts
  • Added new biome: Poisonous Forest
  • Added Flytrap plants
  • Added dead trees
  • Added Bramble plants
  • Fixed Mangrove Beach biome


  • Added functionality for Venus Seeds
  • Added the Potion of the Agave Spirit (currently unobtainable in survival). Grants Haste and Nausea.
  • Changed texture of Pangolin Scales
  • Lava Rock spawns more frequently
  • Fixed Scrubland biomes
  • Pangolins now attack all arthropod mobs
  • Venus Flowers still broken.
  • Doedicurus and Ground Sloth mobs are now peaceful (may change to neutral).


  • Added Sea Pigs
  • Elder Guardians no longer spawn in Open Oceans
  • Fixed bugs
  • Added loot table support


  • Added Woody Vines
  • Added banyan trees in all jungle variants
  • Fixed Sea Pig and Starfish spawning
  • Sea Pigs now follow each other in groups; they also spawn in Deep Ocean biome ravines above obsidian
  • Mob spawning in general is fixed
  • Reorganized creative inventory


  • Added Alpine Mountains biome
  • Aspen tree structures generate in Alpine biome


  • Added the Snowcap Mountains biome
    • Added Wooded Snowcap Mountains
  • Added the Yak mob.
  • Grass block clumps now generate in Scrubland biomes and Tropical Dry Forests.
  • Alpine Mountains now have a higher elevation. 
  • Fixed Steppetundra mob spawning
  • Vanilla plants now generate in the new biomes.
  • Berry Bushes now generate in vanilla Mega Taiga biome and its variants.
  • Coarse Dirt clumps now generate in Temperate Jungles and Tropical Dry Forest biomes.


  • Added Siphonophore mobs in Open Oceans
  • Behemoth spots and eyes now glow
  • Implemented the Mola-Mola mob (texture still in beta)
  • Venus darts now act as intended
  • Behemoth bullets now act as intended
  • Tweaked some mob models
  • Giant Ground Sloths now drop ossicles
  • Ground and Shasta Ground sloths now drop leather.


  • Mola-Mola mob now has fixed texture.


  • Added support for Minecraft 1.15.2
  • With waterlogging support, Sea Urchins, Java Moss, and Crinoids now properly generate in their biomes.
  • Seagrass now generates in biomes.
  • Removed Ground Sloth mob due to compilation errors
  • Structures now generate in the biomes, including biome-related villages
  • New textures for Prickly Pear and Blackberry items


  • Fixed models for Mola-Mola and Moa.
    • New texture for Mola-Mola.
  • Removed Siphonophore mob due to rendering and animation issues.
  • Removed Outback Scrub biome.
  • Fixed Open Ocean generation.
  • Sea Pigs and Starfish have improper movement due to Mcreator removing the necessary swimming mob behaviors to keep them anchored to the seafloor.
  • Fixed tree generation generating underwater


  • Added Fossil Outcrops
    • Fossil Outcrops have several different random drops
  • Added Trilobite fossils
  • Added Chainlink Fences with temporary recipe
  • Added Terracotta Tile Roofs and stair/slab variants
  • New texture for Liana Vines
  • Coming soon: New textures for Mussels, a brewing recipe for Agave, and more.


  • Added firefly particles in Dense Swamps and Large Oak Forests
  • Improved biome generation
  • Now 1.16.4 compatible
  • Added firefly jars
  • Added new recipes involving chains


Maaaajor update!

  • Fully 1.16.4 compatible.
  • Added Mushroom Wood Planks.
    • Crafted from Huge Mushroom Stems.
    • White-gray wood!
    • Stair, slab, and fence variants.
  • Branch (wall) variants for every wood in the game.
  • Fixed wood properties for all logs.
  • New chainlink fence recipe!
  • Craft ossicles and iron nuggets to form chains!
  • Aspen trees now generate in Birch forests!
    • They're all clones, just like real life.
  • Fixed plant textures.
  • Palm Frond stairs and slabs.
  • Palm leaves now have biome tint.
  • New model for Flytraps.
  • New texture for Tube Worms
  • New textures for Mussels and Mussel beds! Finally.
  • Fixed Firefly jar, and it now has a crafting recipe (4 Glowstone Dust surrounding a Glass Bottle).
  • Added ambient sounds for different biomes.


  • Added Block of Bamboo
  • Added Bamboo Poles
  • Added Bamboo Slats and stair/slab variants
  • Added Bamboo Thatch and stair/slab variants
  • Added Bamboo Fence and Bamboo Wall
  • Added Palm Thatch and stair/slab/carpet variants
  • Fixed tree generation in Lush Swamps


  • Added Pufferfish Lamps
  • Added Ropes
  • Added Tikis
  • Added Cabana structures and Fishing Hut structures to tropical biomes
  • Blackstone now replaces Lava Rock, which is no longer in the game.
  • Toned down Starfish spawning.


  • Added Salt
  • Added Salt Blocks
  • Added Salt Lake, a rare desert biome
  • Added Barbed Wire Fences
  • Added Rope Fences
  • Added Picket Fence and White Picket Fence
  • Fixed Open Ocean generation
  • Changed model of Tube Worms


  • Fixed all tree structures floating in midair; they now have some dirt/sand below them. Should look much better.
  • Fixed tree structure generations in biomes
  • Fixed biome heights and temperatures
  • Fixed all biome colors
  • Fixed all structure loot tables
  • Added Screw Palm Twig and Stem crafting recipes from mangrove root blocks. 



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