Ancient Realms

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Ancient Realms is a mod about the exploration of new dimensions and adventure.


Go through many dimensions and find out everything about the dimensions and it's creator.

But you're not doing it alone, there are NPC's who might want your help in exchange of items, information, progression.

However, be aware of danger and monsters that are lurking in the darkness and waiting for the occasion to hunt you down.

You will find many dungeons, Structures and mysterious ruins that are full of hazardous obstacles and awesome loot.


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All dimensions are different. They have their own dangers, Their own monsters, Their own ambience and Their own story... 

We are planning on adding about 27 dimensions.



we are open for suggestions and posting updates on our Discord server
so feel free to join :)
Ancient Realms Discord


Enjoy. pssst.. spoiler..



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Ancient_Realms.jar - Ancient Realms V1.05.05 MB

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week :)
Nice dungeons, I love that they all look like they are connected to each other with the details you put into them :D

Your mod was also promoted on our official subreddit ( and Facebook page (

How did you make the structures so big? Great mod and good job for making mod of the week!